What would Collison look like on the Knicks?

The NBA trade deadline is in the books and for the second straight year things were pretty calm. Last year the biggest headline was an expiring J.J. Reddick being moved from Orlando to Milwaukee. A place where his role was rather undefined. This year the narrative was pretty similar as Evan Turner was dealt to Indy with a locked starting lineup and will likely have to find his moments here and there to be effective. Then there's the Knicks. A team that's always a "player" at the deadline solely because they play in New York. This year not one move was made after begging for Rondo/ Lowry fell through. One trade the Knicks almost managed to pull off was a swap with the Clippers sending Shump and Felton (Ray's involved just to be dumped). In return they'd get a rejuvenated Darren Collison and an average Matt Barnes. I analyzed all the pieces to see what the Knicks would be getting and losing.

Darren Collison (The "Savior")

This is where the Knicks' violent point guard search has led them. Darren Collison, playing for his third team in three years. At age 23 (his second season) Collison started all 79 games he played in for the 2010-11 Pacers. His numbers were solid, averaging 13 and 5, while shooting 46% from the field. Although his numbers were average, he was mostly regarded as a great talent with amazing athleticism

Slowly George Hill took over Collison's job as Darren left for Dallas, a Plan-B after striking out on Deron Williams. Collison Never really improved in Dallas and two years later, his numbers were still just solid. Things got so weird that Carlisle (an A-list coach) decided to start newly signed Derek Fisher over him. It made you wonder, is he missing something? Turns out he likely was as him and teammate O.J. Mayo never really meshed with Carlisle likely because of their inabilities to show up in the biggest games. Both left Dallas after a year and Collison is now playing on a very fair two year $4 million contract in L.A. He's finally showing signs of improvement after playing very well after Chris Paul went down for a month. Yet, if his game has shown improvement this year why does Doc Rivers want to get rid of him? As his stats do look better it could be that killer instinct can't be taught, you either have it or you don't, and if this guy's gonna be the starting point guard at Madison Square Garden, I'm not sure how well this would've worked.

Iman Shumpert (The Asset)

Shumpert just can't get enough of trade rumors after a very down year has led to the Knicks consistently shopping him. Shump is another guy who's essentially risk-free as he's got the next two years at $2 million each. Although he's been bad as a whole this year, Shump's been a gamer. Showing up in every big game so far. Dating back to his rookie season where Shumpert locked down Derrick Rose in a huge Easter day win (a performance overshadowed by Melo's two clutch threes) and then again his sophomore season when he and Melo were the only guys that could do anything on the back end of the Boston series along with the whole hideous Indy series

This season's been rough but the start of January was encouraging when Shumpert was on point in a huge back to back against the Spurs and Rockets. Shumpert's really not costing the Knicks anything and preserves their plans of having way too much cap space in July 2015. I don't really see the problem here.

Matt Barnes and Raymond Felton (The Swapping of Expired Role Players)

The Knicks whole deadline was not only based around trading Shumpert but dumping Felton. Opposing point guards have started torching him and once again his overweight frame has caught up to him. Last year when he was thriving he shot 36% from three, a tad over league average. This year, a startling 29%. For the Knicks offense to function correctly everyone besides Tyson has to hit their open threes. On the other end, we've got Matt Barnes. A guy who's WS/48 were always around .140 for five straight years. This year, a wonderful .052, no wonder the Clippers wanted him involved instead of Bullock. Barnes has still got 3 years $9 million remaining (identical to Felton). Something tells me Barnes would look a lot how Metta's already looked as his 3P% has dropped down to 30%. Neither guy is gonna get any better.

It seems like the Knicks finally made the right move of standing pat. This could've helped them for a bit but would've blown up in their face pretty quickly after a year. I'm still not sure if the Knicks actually went through this and decided this is a dumb move or if Dolan decided he wanted to pull the trigger at 2:59 in which it was too late. Either way, thank god.

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