One pick... Let's make it count.

As bad as the kings have been this year, it looks like our knickerbockers won't be getting their pick in the second round, as it is top 55 protected.. but that doesn't mean we can't go out and trade for a top tier second round pick. A pick like this would probably cost the Knicks a guy like Iman Shumpert, (we would also get some NBA talent in return) which I don't have a problem with. Shump is a little bit of a hot head, and not exceptional anywhere on the court. His defense is the best part of his game, but even putting him on the NBA 2nd all Defensive Team would be a stretch in my opinion. I do love his work ethic, and if keeping him in NY is a possibility, while also trading for the second round pick (would have to be Bucks Mavs or Cavs) then i'm all for it. Other than a possible JR Smith deal though, I don't see any of those teams wanting anything other than Shump. In fact, the Cavs would probably love to give up that second rounder in exchange for a guy like Shump. Shump played in the ACC for georgia Tech, and is a young talent to go along with fellow ACC "Alumn" Kyrie Irving.

This second round pick would be the first of the second round, and would give the Knicks a lot of possibilities. Obviously getting someone who is equal or less than Shump would be a joke, so I'm going to go ahead and eliminate the following from contention.

1. Shabazz Napier

2. Russ Smith

3. PJ Hariston

4.Markel Brown

Each of those guys are fantastic college players, but I don't see any of them panning out any better than Shump in the NBA. I propose we skip over Chris Walker out of Florida as well and go for someone that gives the Knicks a little more versatility, in CJ Fair.

Fair is a 6-8 215 lb SF out of Syracuse that has time and again stepped up in big time spots for the Orange through his four year career there. Taking him over guys like Chris Walker out of Florida, or Shabazz Napier of Uconn can be seen as a gutsy move, but that's what the Knicks need right now, to make a gutsy move in hopes to find their next play maker.

A couple of nights ago, Cuse went head to head with Duke on ESPN in what was the best basketball game I have ever seen. CJ Fair came through HUGE late in the game. All game Fair had been working over projected lotto pick Jabari Parker, working him down low, and pouring in mid range jumpers with his butter like jump shot. This reminded me of a smaller version of Amar'e.. Someone who can play the post (albeit he's not as big as anyone down there) and who can make the midrange jump shot at will. Even better is the fact that he has the ability to shoot the three. Anyone who has ever doubted his ability in any way shape or form needs to watch the highlights of that game, because when he was challenge with one of the best players in College Basketball, he proved he could dominate.

Fair leads the number one ranked Orange in both Points, and is among the top of the team in boards this year, proving his ability to go get the ball over taller defenders. His vertical is one of the best in college basketball, and he can absolutely YAM, even when he's contested at the rim. This season, Fair has noticeably improved his ball handling, making him a viable option at the 2, where he can shoot from the outside and drive. His fearlessness on the court to take the big shot, or go at a bigger defender makes him a great leader, and his patience on the court makes him a great player.

The 5 on the court next year could be as follows:

1- Tim Hardaway Jr. - His increased minutes have given him the chance to prove that he can be a star in the NBA moving forward. Probably the second best rookie in the league right now, behind MCW. I believe, given Felton's struggles this year, THJ will start next season

2- CJ Fair - Think of the best guard's in the NBA... With the exception of the great 6'4" D- Wade, the best are 6'6" and above. This would give fair a good inch and a half to two inches over almost anyone who D's up on him

3- Carmelo Anthony - (Duh)

4- Amar'e Stoudemire - Barring Injury

5- Tyson Chandler - Best Defensive player on the roster.

This would give us 3 exceptional shooters from the long range, three guys who can hit the mid range jumper, five good defenders, and five guys who rebound well for their positions.

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