What would a Knicks Fan Reaction to this Be?

I'm a bulls fan, by now you might have heard the rumblings of Melo being recruited by Noah, and the Bulls being a potential suitor for Melo. Regardless of the likeliness of this scenario, I did want to run something by Knicks fans just to see if my logic on the matter is correct.

What would a Knicks fan reaction to this be...?

-Bulls trade Carlos Boozer (expiring 16.5 mil owed)
Mike Dunleavy (expiring 3 mil)
-Bobcats pick If it should be active for this draft (and it should be, since bobcats are in line to make playoffs, thus the pick should be high lottery)
-The bulls 2015 first round pick and the Sacramento pick(s) we got from the Cavs (which is lottery protected until 2018 at which point becomes two second round picks for 2018 and 2019)

all for Melo.

Why the Knicks should do this:

The knicks are going to get a lottery pick in this years Draft, a draft that isnt as strong as the 2003 draft in terms of having a potential hall of famer, but is still considered one of the deepest drafts since. Having a lottery pick, even if its pick 14 should allow the knicks a solid stepping stone on a rebuild, especially since they have no picks in this draft to begin with.

The knicks also receive next years bulls pick, which probably will be late first round but having first round draft picks is always good regardless. The Sacramento pick can be great if the kings make the playoffs in the next couple years at all. Otherwise its a couple of 2nd round picks.

Im not going to defend boozer the player. I wont insult your intelligence that way. Instead I will talk about boozer the contract. Some team might suddenly decide to just outright rebuild (for example detroit) and jettison some of their players to do a semi rebuild in the off-season (a bit like how toronto handled their situation this past season). Using detroit, its possible they are willing to let go of Greg Monroe and Josh Smith for boozer because they want to commit to drummond over monroe (stats say the two dont play that great together) and thus cant afford monroe, plus they want to get rid of Josh Smiths contract.

Mike Dunleavy is a very solid stop gap at the wing position also on an expiring.

Looking around the league, I dont see another team that can offer you anything much better. Well, Detroit potentially can with lower draft picks as well, but I suppose melo might make a stipulation to play for either a big market or play for a contender, and detroit (at the moment) is neither.

Lakers wont part with this years draft pick and might be more willing to just buy melo outright

Miami might offer bosh, or perhaps wade. Are either one really worth it (bosh perhaps?)


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