A history

[I wrote this a while ago (November? December? idk) and posted it somewhere obscure, but finally joining this blog after much lurking, I realized that this blog is the place to post it]

I just need to vent. How you gonna play us like that Knicks? lol damn. I knew coming in this team wasn’t the same as last year…but the way yall played it up made us all think y’all could play. We all bought into the hype. I suppose looking at the roster we shouldn’t be surprised.

But the problem is you said you were committed to winning NOW. You had a great year last year…you can’t just give us that feeling and then fall flat like you’ve done this season.

Essentially, what you've done to the fans is this-

Its you with your girl, and you stick it in and she’s like ahhh yes keep going and you’re just like lol nope I finished already and she’s like oh


Nah man. Nah. Fuck this. It feels like we in the days of the great Isiah. As a kid growing up I saw what Ewing and Sprewell and Houston and them boys did. Yeah they never won the ship…but damn you had hope. And you knew every year those dudes was going to the playoffs.

Then came what me and my friend called the dark days….of Eddy Curry and Isiah Thomas. Every team goes through a rebuilding process…I understand that…but man the amount of dysfunction that went on…

All my classmates and even my friends moved on and picked different teams to root for. No one even watched the Knicks. But I did. By myself. I believed in you lowly mothafuckers every year. And yall never made it. Never. I went through Stephon Marbury, Larry Brown, Steve Francis, Z-Bo [where amazing happens!] and Jamal Crawford


I do like Crawford tho very entertaining..but he was the 1st option on the Knicks, not the 6th man…and trust me, it ain’t pretty when ya boy is chuckin up like 29 shots a game and makin 40% of those.

David Lee was cool...

And maybe y’all forget that we had Nate Robinson, who by the way was probably the biggest source of excitement for the Knicks during this trying time with his dunk contests besides Isiah’s sex scandal of course.

Anyway, For ten years I rooted for the ineptitude that was (and is) the New York Knicks. And then at last, a bright spot. Amar’e Stoudemire. The Knicks finally seemed playoff bound, albeit a bad seed, but nonetheless, playoff bound. Excitement filled NYC. All the bitches who left the Knicks for other teams came back and rooted as if they ’d never left. And I forgave them foolishly. Gallo, Wilson Chandler and everybody seemed to be clicking. Real team chemistry. it was a beautiful thing, hadn’t been seen in years.

Then Melo…ah what a predicament I was in…trading away the team I had fallen in love with for the potential of Carmelo Anthony. I was really torn…but the team made its decision. I mean, at the time STAT was big, but Melo…We hadn’t had a big time free agent like that in years….

Melo saying he wanted to play in NY at that time is like this girl right here:


Saying that she really likes you and wants to go out on a date with you.

But to go on that date and have a relationship with her, you’ve gotta break it off with a girl like this:


Who’s charm and hometown manner have made you feel comfortable and have made you fall in love with her.

Now, do you go for the sexy supermodel with whom things will be glamorous and exciting, but uncertain? Intense highs, but potentially rock bottom lows?

Or do you stick with the hometown girl next door, who you know well, who cares about you, and that you’ve come to love and would hate to part with.

But that other girl, damn! Chances like that don’t come around often.

Do you see the predicament?

So obviously, as the analogy would go, the Knicks let their balls do the thinking, and went with Melo.

I said alright, I feel bad, as one does after breaking a good girl’s heart, but damn we in business…

And with Melo, that’s how its been. Intense highs, but when we’ve been low, we’re low. We were all in the clouds last year. This year we’ve bottomed out. And that's not his fault...Look its unpopular, and I don't like doing it, but as the star of this team I have to administer some blame to him, but don't worry, not too much bc Melo is still one of the few good things about this team.

I’m happy with Melo (what would we be without him? *Shudders* ) but to continue the analogy…the people or "friends" (im talking about you Felton & Bargnani and others) that we’ve surrounded ourselves with are putting a strain on the relationship. Maybe if we surrounded ourselves with the right people, we’d be alright Melo. If not we’ll just have to break it off.

But what I really wanna say is…Knicks…stop doin this shit to me man …You gave me 2 above average years and 1 really great year…and I went through 9 years of being made fun of at school for wearing Knicks jerseys (back in the day when that shit was popular) and Knicks hats and man…I’ve been through a lot for y’all. Don’t make me watch MSG with hope every game that yall will get better only to be crushed. The only reason I turned on back the cable is to watch MSG(I got bills man!). I don’t need that shit otherwise I got Netflix. But I digress. Don’t make me feel jealous of fans of other teams that have gotten their shit together and built nice teams from young talent. I could have done been like those bitches that have/are currently jumpin ship and heading for land, but nah I stayed with you. And I’ll continue to stay and drown with the ship like Leo in the Titanic bc he loved Rose.

& Fuck Dolan


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