Throwback Knicksday

Happy Thursday! A day most know as throwback thursday but I know as Throwback Knicksday! This season's pretty much sucked as much as it possibly could and yet there were still some pretty awesome parts, especially recently. I was at MSG for two of the brightest parts of the season and one of them was so long ago Bargnani was still playing.

HAPPY MOMENT ONE: Heat vs Knicks, January 9th 2014

I had seen the Heat a couple times but never against the Knicks (side note: American Airlines Arena is a bazillion times better than the Barclays Center). It was a freezing January weeknight and like all January weeknights, life sucked. But the Knicks, fresh off a couple wins in Texas managed to beat the Heat while also starting Bargnani at center. This game had the greatest atmosphere I've ever seen at MSG, and managed to do it all the way up here:

The game started pretty standard for a Knicks-Heat game, sorta close but you knew it was only a matter of time before the Heat pulled away. It looked like they'd do just that early in the third quarter when they went up by eight or so, but then came this

It sent the place into a frenzy and shifted ALL the momentum. The fourth quarter was one of the best of the season as Shumpert let everyone hold his phone and Felton rained a flurry of rare perimeter jumpers. With about a minute to go, everyone stood up and gave the Knicks one of the biggest ovations I've ever seen (shortly after, Melo drilled a three to put the game away). It was completely magical, and the season felt saved.

HAPPY MOMENT TWO: Bobcats vs. Knicks, January 24th 2014


Fresh off a disgusting loss to the *gulp* Sixers at home the Knicks geared up for redemption against the Bobcats. I thank that Sixers game a bit because it let me nab super cheap tickets off Stubhub. The game started and Melo hit literally everything. Eighteen first quarter points made you wonder, was it just a hot Melo first quarter? or... a chance at at least 50. The second quarter continued and he wouldn't fucking miss. Seriously,

It was electric. He was no doubt gonna get 50 but hopefully wouldn't do it in a nasty-ass "Melo ball" type way. Luckily, he didn't drilling at least three spot up (not dribble up) threes that almost put tears in my eyes. Later in the third, I took this photo which I'm pretty sure gave him 50,

Once he finally reached 62 it felt like he had thrown a no-hitter. There was still seven minutes to play and I - along with everyone else thought why not leave him in? Luckily, Woodson took him out, maybe he saw what happened to Johan Santana after his no-hitter. We left after they took him out because there wasn't much to see from the other 'Bockers. If it wasn't for you Melo, Kobe might've held that Garden record forever.

HAPPY MOMENT THREE: Nets vs. Knicks April 2nd 2014

Wasn't at this, but rather enjoyed the "BROOKLYN SUCKS" chants

It's been a rough season, but at least The Hawks are showing some sympathy

'till next time

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