Hey, Knicks and Steve Kerr, let's get this done

Theory: Steve Kerr keeps dragging out this process because he likes when people take photos of him in the broadcast booth. They don't usually do that. But yo, thanks to the people who keep taking these pictures so I don't have to reuse old ones! - Jonathan Daniel

If it's gonna happen, just make it happen.

I don't know whether the Knicks should hire Steve Kerr. I don't know whether he'd be a good coach for the Knicks. But I do know from every available source that Phil Jackson wants to hire Steve Kerr to coach the Knicks and I keep reading Steve Kerr favors the Knicks job even after Mark Jackson vacated the Warriors job. Soooooooooooooo...

...get it done? What's the holdup? Let's ask our friends.


From all indications, the Knicks remain the front-runners. In fact, Kerr told a close associate on Wednesday that he was leaning toward the Knicks.

However, the longer the process drags on, it suggests that Kerr is having second thoughts about the Knicks and may decide to remain on the West Coast and coach the Warriors. Kerr has a daughter who attends California-Berkeley, which is a few miles from where the Warriors play in Oakland. It has been two weeks since Kerr met with Phil Jackson, his former coach and close friend, in New York and yet Kerr has not committed to the Knicks.

“There is really nothing more to learn about the Knicks,” said one league executive who is close to Kerr. “I’m sure the Knicks have already made an offer. Obviously, he has family considerations, and perhaps staying in California appeals to him."

That last bit is the sense I'd been getting: Kerr has an offer from the Knicks. He's just weighing the appeal of getting paid very well to work with Phil Jackson against the appeal of staying closer to his family, working with friends in the Golden State front office, and not having to move his whole collection of flowering succulents cross-country. But then here's Berman:

According to another source who spoke to Kerr on Wednesday, he may still be waiting on a formal, written offer from the Knicks. It is believed Kerr was seeking a five-year offer to match the length of Jackson’s contract. When Mike D’Antoni was hired in 2008, he signed a four-year, $24 million pact. Kerr is believed to be seeking something in that neighborhood, possibly with a fifth-year team option.

The source said Kerr was only concerned because he hadn’t seen a written offer yet, but Knicks owner James Dolan isn’t known to penny-pinch for a head coach. Dolan may have to pay more to have Kerr to live across the country from his home.

No offer yet, eh? Odd, if true. Not sure what to make of that. Meanwhile, Ian Begley's sources suggest the Warriors' interest may be complicated by two factors: 1. A push from some players toward Stan Van Gundy (who, under more typical circumstances, would be a Knicks candidate as well, you'd think) 2. Wariness that Kerr is merely using the Warriors to shake more dollars out of James Dolan (if so, applause). 

Depending on the report, Kerr is expected to make his decision today, or by Monday, or, ya know, by several days ago. That is if he has an actual offer in hand, of course. And no matter what happens, Berman hears Kerr will finish out his playoff broadcast duties for TNT, which is fine and normal...and not something we care about unless Kerr actually becomes the Knicks coach. Which it sounds like he probably will. So just do it, eh? Or don't! Just quit dragging this out! It's hurting my tummy.

Update: The Daily News says this is almost done. Okay.

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