How Knicks can improve without a draft Or giving Up too much!

How Knicks can improve without a draft Or giving Up too much! (I think I should rename this Article to): the Center & Guard of NY future?

Granted Carmelo Anthony stays with the NY Knicks. It's no secret everyone wants Carmelo to stay in NY. He said he wants a chip and is getting to old to rebuild. But he wants to stay in NY. Ok so I'm gonna look at some hints from Melo.

As respectfully and () as possible has discreetly tried to recruit Rajon Rondo & DeMarcus Cousins. That translates to me as he feels that for the Knicks to get to his level or championship contenders they are gonna have to find another Center & Point Guard.

In other words nicely put Felton aint cutting it and he got some domestic disputes maybe a little mental thing and Chandler basically went rogue on his coach at the time Mike Woodson. That's not teamwork! Melo is a type of player who will put a team on his back and he showed that he "had" to this season. Atleast he felt like he "had" to. If players don't are inadequate or rebel against the coaches playbook, then the leader of the team is going to naturally carry the team. He doesn't know when what player is going to show up.

In addition to Anthony's defense he did publicly say and showed that he can pass the ball and be a team player. Not that he needed to prove to anyone but the media. Melo has played for the olympics and even played some minutes at Center for team USA, for crying out loud. So he has shown that he can play with others of his caliber. He also came from Syracuse where Coach Boheim is all about system basketball.!!

Sorry kinda got off topic here but I'm building up my case. As to "how the Knicks can improve without a draft and keep Melo" Having that said Carmelo said that he would even take a pay cut in order to help the team recruit better players! And I notice the moment the "president" started talking about getting a draft choice, is when Melo said he is going to test the "open market"? Because in my opinion that is not just rebuilding that is starting from the bottom. Like they did with (AMARE STOUDEMIRE)!!!! Now the Knicks have more pieces to the puzzle but STAT is too old.

The Knicks have plenty of youth in the right spots! They should keep Cole Aldrich and Jeremy Tyler, Aldrich had a couple of double doubles Once he finally got some playing time!!!!! And Tyler looked very promising!

Next Shumpert & THJr. Murry is a good option but he might be the dispensible casualty trade. And don't ask "I don't know what makes Jr Smith untouchable"

Prigionit and Carmelo played well together I don't know why Woodson kept pulling him out!

Finally the verdict. In my perfect world the Knicks will trade Chandler for DeMarcus Cousins straight Up! From what I hear the Kings aren't happy with Cousins. And he's a Free Agent! And I read an article on Carmelo mentoring DeMarcus.

Next, trade Felton, Murry & Brown for George Hill. But I'm afraid they are going to want THJr. I'm alright with that though! Larry Bird in a recent interview on ESPN doesn't seem very happy with Hill. He wants more offensive firepower. And Im sure Bird wouldn't mind releasing that $8 mil for the next 3 years. I think he'd fit in great with the Triangle offense and Melo should be happy because he is very similar to Rondo except younger and comes cheaper!

Then sign Patty Mills he's a UFA and I'm sure he wouldn't mind bringing the ring he gonna get with the Spurs to become a starter for New York.

End of my story! I hope ya'!! agree!!!!

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