A letter to Phil & Derek: Knicks don't need a draft!

Dear Phil Jackson & Derek Fischer,

Let's pay attention to Carmelo's subtle hints: On March 17, 2014

Carmelo Anthony Strongly Endorses DeMarcus Cousins, Calls Him His 'Project'

Is enough said right there? Let's take a look at Tyson Chandler; yes he was in the Olympics and team leading rebounder but, he is rated a Defensive Specialist, "who doesn't play defense!" He relies entirely on his physical attributes as oppose to honing in and working on skill. He was invited last summer to join Hakeem Olajuwon Camp, and turned it down! Amare Stoudemire former All Star & also an olympiad. One with nearly double Chandler's salary has gone to camp 2 summer's in a row. Stat didn't seem to prideful, matter fact, he himself recognized there is always room for improvement. And did he improved ? Yes! Yes, he did! Last season on limited minutes was average double figures on points rebounding and even blocking shots "(who is not known for his defense)" ! On limited minutes he was looking like a kid again. Running past forward's & center's like a young kid on a mission. I was very impressed with STAT last season.

Tyson on the other hand his play ability decresed from the year before. Granted he may have wanted to preserve health & stamina. What gets me is that he didn't want to play Mike Woodson's play or more exact his defensive scheme. You are the player not the coach. And a few games I didn't see him hustling as much. Doesn't want to play zone just man to man And Carmelo comes from a school where they master the zone in Syracuse. So no wonder Melo may want to endorse and take Cousins under his wing! He plays averages double double's steady! Above all the whole rebelling against the coach and electing "NOT" to go to Olajuwon camp gets my vote to trade Tyson's expiring contract.

Next, Carmelo "ALMOST PUBLICLY" tried to recruit Rajon Rondo. And more discreetly endorses Chris Paul at his wedding. Hmmmm? Both point guards, on top of all the allegations that Phil Jackson is trading Ray Felton. Shows Knicks are in the market for a new point guard! More like a franchise All Star type of point guard new to this Knick team!

Now I think Carmelo knew there would be a coaching change. He said if you haven't heard something about him from him, then don't believe it. Well it wasn't until there was talk about getting a draft pick that Melo said he was opting out of his contract and was testing the free agent market. hmmm?
Again, I don't think the Knicks need to draft to get better. Unless they are drafting in the 1st round someone like Tyler Ennis then forget it.

I believe the Knicks can trade Chandler for Cousins straight up? If not they can trade Chandler, Felton & Murry for Copeland, Hibbert & Hill. Then trade Hibbert for Cousins straight up? Yes, word is Cousins is trouble but I think with Carmelo, Fischer "the negotiator" & the Zen Master only good can come!

Then sign Free agent Patty Mills, Pao Gasol & Thabo Sefolosha. There it is, that's my peace! Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment.


Long time Knick Fan

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