Trying to Build a Triangle Offense With a Square Team

With the recent hiring of Derek Fisher and the late signing of Lamar Odom it's no secret that the only offense the Knicks will be running this season is the triangle. It's in the discussion for greatest 2000's offense ever along with D'Antoni's Suns and Pop's current Spurs. The current Knicks roster looks nothing like Jordan's Bulls or Kobe's (and Shaq's) Lakers. Last year the Knicks' "game plan" was fifty percent high pick and rolls with everyone else camped out at the three point line and fifty percent Melo-iso. "The play was to give the ball to Melo" that was Felton on the final play of the game in which the Knicks lost to the Wizards and crushed their playoff hopes. The Knicks are basically starting from scratch so I looked at the most important parts of the triangle offense.

  • Fluent ball movers (Rick Fox, Lamar Odom)

  • Good spot up shooters *especially your point guard* (Derek Fisher, Steve Kerr)

  • Big men with decent moves and intelligence (Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol)

  • A go-to scorer who can create his own shot (Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan)

In addition, this video shows how fluent a triangle offense can work with the correct supporting cast. (Just watch the first two minutes) That Lakers team won the title, how does this Knick team look compared to them?


Iman Shumpert

Before Phil took the Knicks job he was advising Dolan on what to do at the trade deadline. The most notable thing he told him was to keep Shumpert. Shumpert's nose dive last season was definitely alarming but there are reasons to believe he can turn it around. It's hard to see Shumpert not improving his spot up shooting and he'd certainly have no problem swinging the ball. His usage percentage is rather low (16% for his career) meaning he's been much too passive and should look to make a couple more plays. He's five inches shorter than Odom and three inches shorter than Pippen but there's no reason to believe he can't become a remix of the two.

Pablo Prigioni

This one's a little more optimistic as it's assuming that he'd be able to start AND stay healthy for a whole season. Last season Prigioni shot 46% from three (forty six percent!) and had an assist percentage of 26% for a guy who only played 19 minutes a night. If the Knicks can't find a new starter by the start of next season then besides injury, there'd be no reason why Prigs can't hold down the starting position.


Tyson Chandler

It should be no surprise the Knicks are looking to trade Tyson as ever since his DPOY season his defense has gotten worse, and he's shown no desire to learn any sort of offensive moves. When you think of Tyson Chandler the last thing you'd think of is Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol. Luckily for the Knicks a lot of teams still rate Tyson higher than he's really worth so trying to get back any pick or expiring contract should be exercised.

Raymond Felton

Enough said.

Anyone Else Out There?

Patty Mils

It's destiny. It's hard to find a better fit as your starting triangle point guard than this guy. Not only is his spot up shooting elite, but he's one of the most coachable players in the league. His three seasons with the Spurs have shown how he can adapt to anything and play in any situation. Pleasepleaseplease use the mini mid-level on him.

Carmelo Anthony

In that video on the Lakers triangle, the spots and shots that Kobe was shooting from were the exact same as the spots Melo loves. To me, it's scary how similar the two are and it's very possible Melo could be a triangle superstar.

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