Know the Coach Prospect: Asimo

About Asimo

ASIMO, an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative MObility, is a humanoid robot designed and developed by Honda. Introduced on 21 October 2000, ASIMO was designed to be a multi-functional mobile assistant. With aspirations of helping those who lack full mobility, ASIMO is frequently used in demonstrations across the world to encourage the study of science.

Coaching/Basketball Experience

The Knicks would be Asimo's first coaching gig. A big plus as we all know that Phil wants someone with no previous coaching experience. In fact, Asimo has no basketball experience whatsoever, which should put him/it at the top of any list in this category.

Salary Considerations

Any coach the Knicks hire will easily command over $3 million per year. Asimo can be purchased for a measly $1 million or rented for $100,000 with a full service warranty. Also, when considering the cost of hotel rooms(Asimo can be stored in a closet) , food(Asimo does not eat) and transportation for road trips(flies with the luggage) there is little doubt that Asimo is a much better value proposition. Plus if things don't work out Asimo can still be used to serve coffee and donuts at Knick headquarters.

Another consideration is that Asimo may be available to the Knicks for free. Since Asimo's main task is promoting Honda robotics, what better promotion than having it on the sidelines for every televised game?

As an Extension of Phil

In this category Asimo blows away the competition.

Let's face it. Any coach the Knicks hire will have a large ego. You don't give a person millions of dollars and expect him to be a robot. At some point, any coach, or any human being in general, will want to express himself. it is inevitable.

Asimo, on the other hand, will be a complete egoless surrogate for Phil. He will run the exact plays that Phil wants with the exact players. I can envisage a situation where Phil sits in a big easy chair in his home control room, maybe a few assistants, with giant flat screens showing every angle of play. He could directly send in plays through Asimo's Ipad. In terms of coaching Asimo = Phil.

Check out some of these moves.

Post Game Interviews

Here again Asimo has the potential to kick butt in this important category. I envisage the MSG R&D department putting together an extensive collection of every coaching cliche ever uttered. Categorized by the coach who said it and the situation, ie. after a win or after a loss. Some nights Asimo might paraphrasee Vince Lombardi, or John Wooden all in that stilted Japanese cute girl voice it uses.

In Summary

Yes it would be a bold unprecedented move. But look around the league and you will see many head coaches that could be considered "robotic". You've got to look at that.

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