Short-memory Surliness Abounds, but Goodbye Ray and Tyson

Maybe it's just me, but I think that the crappiness and astounding suckitude of this past season has skewed the perspective of lots of longtime poster-toasters.

When I think of this past season's spectacular failure, here's what I think about:

1. The Bargnani trade.

Giving up a bunch of picks, Steve Novak, Marcus Camby, et cetera, for a former first round pick who is 7 feet tall but rebounds as if he's 6 feet tall, can't understand team defense, and is as efficient as a 74 Ford LTD with a 3 inch hole in the gas tank... was just really, really bad. Everyone in the league seemed to figure out that Bargs' athleticism and height were fools gold... except the Knicks. Losing Glen, then this shit... damn, a really bad harbinger of what was to come.

2. The Medical Staff

The minutes limits for Amar'e and Kmart which seemed arbitrary, when both guys said they were OK to play - especially Kmart once Tyson went down. We had a defensive presence... we didn't use him, we lost game saving him... for what?

3. Woodson

My God! How he abandoned the working 2 point guard lineup. How he insisted on playing Bargnani because of his size to match up with other big teams, despite the fact that anyone with a brain could tell that Bargnani played like someone 6 inches smaller. The no defense lineups. I mean, Woodson had groups of players that could win games, and instead he put combos out there which lost games. The gut felt it - the stats proved it. Woodson told us 'The East Is Big, man.' Wow. Rewarding idiocy with minutes. Iso-melo at the end of games every time. Missing the fucking playoffs. Are you fucking serious?

You know, that's it. That's what pisses me off. I loved Ray the first time he was here, and I was in his corner up until this past season. I think he's good when he's not hurt, but he's mediocre when he is, and he always is. I don't know if that's going to change. As for Tyson, I can't find it in myself to blame him for getting demoralized by the remarkable amount of stupidity that swirled around him.

I just can't muster up any anger toward those guys. I think they did a lot of good work when they were here. More good than bad. The Felton re-acquisition really helped me stay a Knick fan after they let Lin go. I don't think those guys were responsible for the Knicks demise nearly as much as those three factors above.

That said, I think it's a good trade. Chandler is not getting any younger, Ray's never going to be what I thought he'd be. It makes sense to retool now and get a couple of draft picks, a young guy with promise and a saavy veteran point guard. And I've always thought Dalembert might be good in the right situation.

So I think if we look at the entire body of work and not just the last half of this last lost season, both Ray and Tyson, on the whole, were pretty good Knicks. Farewell guys, I hope you find some good games in Dallas.

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