Here is the Knicks Las Vegas Summer League roster

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

A nice mixture of veterans, draft picks, and invites

The Knicks have announced their Summer League roster, and unlike previous years where there were a ton of undrafted invites, this year's squad looks pretty familiar, for the most part.

The Vets

Tim Hardaway Jr.
Shane Larkin
Shannon Brown
Cole Aldrich
Jeremy Tyler

The Draft Picks

Cleanthony Early
Thanasis Antetokounmpo

The Invites

Langston Galloway - Guard, 6'2", St. Joseph's
Jordan Henriquez - Center, 6'11", Kansas State, Rio Grande Valley Vipers
Zane Johnson - Guard, 6'6", Hawaii, Canton Charge
Cameron Moore - Forward, 6'10", Alabama-Birmingham, Casserta (Italy)
Will Sheehey - Forward, 6'7", Indiana
Brandon Triche - Guard, 6'4", Syracuse, Trento (Italy)
Jordan Vandenberg - Center, 7'1", North Carolina State

Of note:

Derek Fisher will coach the team (right now, there aren't other options), so he'll get a good look at some of these youngsters. However, it's been noted that Fisher and the Knicks are trying to build a coaching staff (e.g. Kurt Rambis), so maybe Fisher won't end up there at all.

- Cole Aldrich, who is an unsigned UFA, will play, which is interesting.

- Toure' Murry, on the other hand, did not get a qualifying offer, so he's a UFA, and since other teams appear to be interested,  it seems like he might be gone.

- Shannon Brown, Jeremy Tyler, and Lamar Odom all have non-guaranteed contracts, so unless the Knicks waive ‘em, they'll be back. However, Brown and Tyler are on the Vegas roster, and Odom is not. Granted, Odom is much more a veteran than the other two, but Brown's been around awhile, too, so he probably won't play or even stick around for Summer League that long. I hope Tyler gets extended burn.

- Among the invites, there's a mix of guys who went to school in the U.S. and moved into the D-League and guys who went overseas.

- Langston Galloway was a career 42.6% shooter from deep in college, so that's always worth a look.

- Jordan Henriquez spent a year in the D-League getting activated and deactivated, but only averaged nine minutes per game. Not much to expect based on prior results.

- Cameron Moore and Brandon Triche are both Italian league buddies, and as far as I can tell, they played in the same league. Moore sounds like he has a decent post-up game and he did a 360 dunk in a game once; Brandon Triche worked out for the Knicks last summer and averaged 15 points a night in Trento. He made this shot while he was there.

- Will Sheehey is a 6'7" forward who never rebounded or passed well or ever really shot a high percentage from deep (one season at 38%, but that's it), but he did THIS so I don't care. His school holds him in high regard, so maybe that's something. 

- Jordan Vandenberg's senior year stats include 22 minutes per game, 4.6 points, 68% shooting, 4.7 rebounds, 1.4 blocks per night....This Deadspin snag of one of his college essays is one of the best things ever, though.

So there's the roster! It's possible that more peeps could be included, but for the meantime, this seems like a nice collection of guys. Less than two weeks 'til Summer League begins!

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