Lance Stephenson; check this out!

Can the Knicks be in market for Lance Stephenson? Maybe If we miss out on getting LeBron James? Yes I still have hopes for that!!!! Before anybody think Im smoking something. . . .. I did see an article on the Lakers trying to do the same thing I wrote a blog on which is:

Will Melo & LeBron play together in NYK for $14 each for the first two years then. ...? So if not LeBron how about Lance Stephenson as a Knick fan I can accept if they let go of Shumpert on some other trade to make room for Lance. A Brooklyn native by the way! Let's say for somebody like . . . . . . . . . . .

I don't know how about Faried?

I just had a vision 2015-16:

5a)Marc Gasol - $17x5yr 5b)Samuel Dalembert - $7x7yr 5c)Cole Aldrich $16/4yrMLM

4a)Kenneth Faried - $3(1st),$15x7yr 4b)Amare Stoudemire - $7.5/1yr 4c)Pau Gasol $16/4yrMLM

- 4d)Jeremy Tyler - $20/5yrMLM

3a)Carmelo Anthony- $19(2nd),$25x4yr 3b)Cleanthony Early - &/ 3c)the Greek? - $?

2a)Lance Stephenson - $10x5yr 2b)JrSmith - $3x2yr/mMLE 2c)THJr - $1.3,$2.3,$3.3

1a)Calderon - $7x2yr 1b)Shannon Brown - $3x2yr/mMLE 1c)THJr - $1.3,$2.3,$3.3

Wow each playing for under $15 mil. . .. Lol. That was crazy!

What if the Knicks trade Iman Shumpert & one of the rookies to Denver for Kenneth Faried 1 year team option? Then resign him for $105/7yrs. And sign Marc Gasol for $85/5yr


5a.Samuel Dalembert $3.8/1yr 5b. Pau Gasol 5c. Cole Aldrich

4a. Amare Stoudemire $25/1yr 4b. Andrea Bragnani - $11.5/1yr 4c. Jeremy Tyler

3a. Carmelo Anthony $15/(1st)yr 3b. Lamar Odom 3c/d. the Rookies

2a. Lance Stevenson $60/5yr 2b. Iman Shumpert 2b. Jr. Smith / THJr / Lance S - the Situation?

1a. Jose Calderon $15/2yr 1b. Shannon Brown / Stevenson - 1c/d. THJr / Iman Shumpert - the Situation?

1e. Pablo Prigioni - helping to train the next PG

the Situation is Offense or Defense?

Carmelo Anthony signs for the discount = $15 mil for the 1st year, $19 for the 2nd year & $25 for the next 4 total ~ 6 year.

And I'll still take this 2014 dream team to the Finals!!!! Why not????

THat is a force for years to come! With Lance & THJr training to take over PG. One or both of the rookies training to take after Melo. Sir Sammy Davis (Dalembert) with an extended 7 year contract to fill in, in case of emergency! Could be the next much Upgraded: Herb Williams. And Aldrich & Tyler shaping up to be the next front court!

And if Denver doesn't bite on Shumpert for Faried what remains is still nothing to sneeze at:

*Beyond 2016: Let's say all else fails except Resigning Carmelo Anthony & Lucking out with Lance Stevenson!!!!

5.Dalembert, 4.Carmelo, 3. THJr / Lance, 2. Shumpert & 1. Lance / THJr

Lance can play PG on offense & SF on defense - Hardaway play PG on Defense & SF on offense!

This is Genius!!!!

Signing off,

Chucho M.

Ps. Your welcome Mr. Jackson

Pss. Check out this video on Dalembert & Calderon playing together:

Dalembert & Calderon playing together against the 2014 NBA Champs!

And another one!

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