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Shooter Heaven?

With the installment of a new coach and a new style, we can expect to see different players adapt and thrive in the fresh system. One such player might very well be the streaky and positionally...

Knicks Sign Roberson For Serious

Roberson agreed to a deal that is, I believe, smaller than we expected. He'll be making the NBA minimum (under $800,000) this year with a team option next year. For those of you keeping score at home, this puts the Knick roster at 16: one over the working limit for the season. Commence deathmatch.

All Star 2012?

The big renovation of Madison Square Garden is expected to be finished by the 2011-2012 season. We'll see new seats, more spacious concourses, and new lighting and displays within a few years...

Brainstorming Sesh '08

We've reached the time of summer that calls for creative minds. This void of basketball activity between summer league and training camp constitutes the dog days of NBA blogging. It was around this...

Monday Annamite Striped Rabbits

Good morning, everybody. Hope a good weekend was had by all. I totally dropped the ball on the last two games of summer league, which was just poor planning on my part. I'm very sorry for that....

God's Canvas

Today's must-see comes from yesterday. It's the results of Ball Don't Lie's Starbury Tattoo-Off. Readers used their photoshop skills to express how they would have artistically occupied the space...


Third SL game: SummerKnicks (85) vs. SummerSuns (80)

Sup fellas. This is the third game of the 2008 Knicks Summer League. We've split the first two games 1-1, and it's coming down to the wire! This may very well be the most significant of all these...

Game Thread: SummerKnicks vs. SummerSuns: 7-18-08

In their third game of the Vegas Summer League, the SummerKnicks will face the Phoenix SummerSuns. Mike D'Antoni will get to watch some of his old players (D.J. Strawberry, Alando Tucker) and some...


SummerSpurs, 82, SummerKnicks, 67

A wistful day for the New York SummerKnicks. As you've surely heard (the title might be a good hint) , the NYSK's storied 6 or so game winning streak in Summer League play has come to a close. But...

Knicks To Sign Roberson

ESPN is reporting that the Knicks plan to sign guard Anthony Roberson to a two year, $1.6 million deal. Roberson, who has been running the point at times for New York's Vegas team, is a 25 year old from the University of Florida. His addition would put the Knick roster at 16, further suggesting that Stephon Marbury will be bought out of his contract before summer's end. I'm on my way out the door, so we'll discuss this later.

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