Middle Kingdom Previews

Game IV: A New Hope?

Let's pretend for a moment that the Knicks don't suck at the whole "basketball" thing.

Farewell to the Middle Kingdom Previews: Game 2

The Knicks embarrassed themselves in Game 1, which begs the question: who was your favorite "In Living Color" cast member?

Middle Kingdom Preview: Game 1

Knicks. Playoffs. Second Round. Sounds good to me!

Quest for the Golden Cupcake!

The Knicks used to win basketball games...or so I've been told.

Middle Kingdom Previews: Game 3

The Celtics have home-court and Robert Randolph's new song. The Knicks have the talent.

Middle Kingdom Previews: The Rest of the Season


Middle Kingdom Previews - Thunder, Wizards

Good Knicks teams are fun to watch...who knew!?!

Middle Kingdom Previews: Boston Celtics

This is why I don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day.

Middle Kingdom Previews: Magic and Raptors

Back home for the Magic, then home and home with Toronto.

Middle Kingdom Previews: Clippers, Jazz

You're not gonna win 'em both, so at least try to win one.


Middle Kingdom Previews: Blazers (AND KITTENS)

I've watched the Knicks for a long time...I guess I should be used to this.

Middle Kingdom Previews: Denver Nuggets

We all know hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but what about a small forward...with a knee injury...who actually did the scorning himself?

Middle Kingdom Previews: Jazz and Warriors

The Knicks will go West, young man...what do you think of that, Horace Greeley, you dead bastard!?!

Middle Kingdom Previews: Pistons, Thunder

Melo may or may not play, but the show will go on

Middle Kingdom Previews: Heat, Cavaliers

If the Knicks end Miami's winning streak, just how naked will y'all get?

Middle Kingdom Previews: Warriors, Wizards

Joe never doubted the Knicks, and anyone who says otherwise is a damn LIAR!

Joe previews the Sixers, his new favorite team.

Joe officially quits the Knicks, chooses instead to focus his preview on a team that will be playing - coincidentally enough - the Knicks.

Joe previews the Pacers and Raptors. With yaks.

What do these two match-ups have to do with yaks? If you have to ask, you'll never know

Middle Kingdom Previews: Clippers 'n' Raptors

Two home games before the All-Star break. Winning home games is fun, I hear.

Joe previews the Wizards and Wolves

The Knicks take a quick road trip.

Amar'e Stoudemire: The Sixth Element

Since when did this kid get so good at the basket-balling?

Joe previews the Bucks, Kings and Pistons

We got three lemons here, hopefully Melo and the gang can make three pitchers of lemonade.

Joe Previews the Sixers, Hawks, and Magic

Seems like everybody I know was born this week; and what makes a better (and cheaper) gift than a basket-full of Knicks wins?

Joe previews the Nets and Celtics

win both games, plz

Joe Previews the Pacers, Bulls, and Hornets

This preview is officially a Honey Nut Cheerios-free zone

Middle Kingdom Previews: Celtics Edition

A special one-game preview for the team we all love to hate.

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