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RJ Barrett to represent Canada in international play this summer

Captain Canada is back!

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Which statistics translate from college to the NBA?

Digging deeper into a sea of amateur and professional statistics

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Knicks Notes: Miles McBride talks workouts and Summer League, Obi Toppin talks to Dwyane Wade

The young Knicks are workout buddies.

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DRAFT COMBINE NEWS: Knicks add Tim Hardaway as a scout, interview draft prospects

New York just can’t quit the Hardaways.

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Ep. 151 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

What should the Knicks do with the 11th pick? What the hell happened to Phoenix? And who will make it to the NBA Finals?

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Putting the young Knicks in context

Where do the Knicks rank in 2022? And in the past 20+ years? It’s time to have fun plotting some charts!

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The Latest

Know the Prospect: Keegan Murray

Iowa’s offensive powerhouse and defensive demon is ready for the bright lights of the NBA.

An amateur GM looks back on the last seven years of Knicks draft picks

You win some, you lose some...but the Knicks have won their fair share of late.

2021-22 Knicks Player Review: Jericho Sims

Mr. Stone Face.

NBA Free Agency

Executive VP William Wesley will represent the Knicks at the NBA Draft Lottery

Worldwide Wes!

Knicks season in review, part II: The young core

They’re good!

NBA Trade Rumors

Ep. 150 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

Knicks trade rumors, Bucks-Celtics drama and the "Whoop that trick" game in Memphis.

The Posting and Toasting Knicks FanShop

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

REPORT: Cam Reddish (shoulder injury) is practicing at the Knicks training facility

Cam back?

Are the Knicks interested in...Immanuel Quickley?

The franchise’s fantasies are coming into focus.

Knicks draft pick Rokas Jokubaitis wins prestigious EuroLeague Rising Star award

The Knicks have an award-winning playmaker, if they can only lure him across the pond.

Knicks season in review, part I: Some familiar questions resurface

Fans were left with some familiar questions in an inconsistent season.

Know the Prospect: Johnny Davis

He’s a Badger on both ends of the floor.

The NBA is on notice: Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley are taking hot yoga classes

2023 playoffs on lock.

Ep. 149 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

Memphis-Golden State boils over, Celtics-Bucks heats up and why no involved will win the Harden-Simmons trade.

How much does draft age matter for NBA prospects? A study (Part II)

Should you draft a freshman, or should you draft a senior? Here are some answers

How much does draft age matter for NBA prospects? A study (Part I)

Should you draft a freshman, or should you draft a senior? Here are some answers

Know the Prospect: TyTy Washington, Jr.

I.Q. 2.0?

REPORT: The Utah Jazz plan on building around Donovan Mitchell, not trading him

The Knicks love Donovan, but they might have to conform with Rudy.

Ep. 148 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

Jalen Brunson update, Game 5 and Game 6 drama in the playoffs and looking ahead to the conference semifinals.

Know the Prospect: Paolo Banchero

A big, talented power forward who doesn’t play consistent defense? Sounds familiar...

Cutting down the Nets

Little man got what’s coming to him.

2021-22 Knicks Player Review: RJ Barrett

RJ Barrett has arrived

What would it mean historically for the Knicks to move up in the NBA Draft Lottery?

It would be big...but how big?

Can you name every member of the 2021-22 Knicks? Take the test!

It’s not easy!

Getting to know Rokas Jokubaitis during the EuroLeague playoffs

Kid likes basketball and is good at it.

Ep. 147 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

Can the Knicks get Jalen Brunson? Plus, playoff drama in Boston, Toronto, Phoenix and much more!

Know the Prospect: Chet Holmgren

A poor man’s Kevin Durant, a rich man’s Pokuševski, or something in between?

2021-22 Knicks Player Review: Alec Burks

After spending 10 years on the wings, Point-Burks is finally here

5 offseason priorities for the Knicks

Get ‘em done, Leon Rose.

Know the Prospect: Jabari Smith, Jr.

This Tiger is the tops.