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Monday Numbats

Happy Nudie Magazine Day! Lots of things to cover today and damn does that feel good...

  • The Knicks beefed up the training camp roster even more today, finally signing Demetris Nichols and Jared Jordan, and also adding Walker Russell, Jr. of the NBDL and Roderick Wilmont from the University of Indiana (and, if I remember correctly, from the Summer League squad).
  • Speaking of Jordan, here's a little background on what we're getting. Actually, here's a better background by Barnesgasm, who insists that Isiah thinks Jared is black and urges me to suck a dick. Blog brothaz 4 lyfe.
  • Judgement aside, everyone has witnessed a change in Stephon Marbury's behavior this summer. Just about everybody's been wondering why. We may have an answer. From Mike Dougherty's blog:
    I got this much from the visit, Marbury is working hard to separate the player from the person. And in case you can't read in between the lines, he spelled it all out when somebody asked Marbury to describe the highlight of his summer.

    "What was the highlight of my summer?" he said. "When I gave myself to Jesus Christ."

    Marbury even noted the sudden transformation occurred June 29.

    And what inspired the change of heart?

    "What happened to me was I got to see myself outside of myself," he said. "I was able to look in the mirror and really see myself."

    Don't ask what he saw.

    "I mean, that's personal," Marbury said. "I'm not going to ask you what your wife wears when she's getting dressed or what your son (does) inside (his) bedroom getting ready for school. That's my personal business. I don't feel like anybody should be able to ask a question like that. I think that's disrespectful to ask me a question like that. I don't think you should get out of line by asking me a question like that. That's personal."


  • Jeff Clark from is once again running his vast series of NBA team previews. The Celtics guys, including our very own Jim went today. I'll be previewing on Wednesday, along with Joey from Straight Bangin'. Update: Joey's already got a preview up at SLAM. It's very well done, but not hopeful.
  • It wouldn't be October without the return of Marc Stein's irritating but perpetually relevant Power Rankings. The Knicks are #24. The Celtics jumped from #29 to #2. Umm...blow me.

That's all for today. I can feel basketball season approaching, and I'm as excited as ever. I'm getting a basketball boner. A basketboner. I'll stop now. Peace.