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Wednesday Uakaris

Hello everybody. Quite a bit to mention today, so let's get to it...

  • First of all, how about that monkey, eh? That's just unfortunate.
  • Knickerblogger's David Crockett actually attended the first preseason game in South Carolina (meaning it did, in fact, happen), and has a little recap and analysis.
  • Allan Houston plans to announce his return either today or tomorrow. I have an advanced copy of his press conference speech. Here's a snippet:
    "...As a washed-up, peg-legged 36 year-old, it makes perfect sense for me to make my return this season. I have not siphoned enough time or money away from this organization yet, so another year is just what everyone needs. Also, you wouldn't want any promising young rookies running around these parts now, would you? Suck on it, Demetris Nichols! Let's party like it's 1999!

    Great stuff! As a sign of appreciation, I'm gonna find my kids-sized #20 jersey and eat it whole!

  • Coming back to the players who actually belong on the preseason roster, Fred Jones currently has the edge in his position battle with Hot Nichols.
  • Join the P&T fantasy league! Our very own Willy has gone through unspeakable torment to set it up for us, so go sign up. Everyone is welcome.
  • Two tabloid stories from Newsday: Demetris Nichols was rumored to be Hep-C positive at the predraft camp and Nate Robinson was rumored to be playing defense on Monday.
  • James Dolan is rich, but as J.E. Skeets points out, you can fight that.
Maccabi Tel Aviv on Thursday. KTO probably isn't going to happen cause I've got homework coming out my ears, but you guys are welcome to help out with the preview. Until then, peace.