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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv- 10-11-07

It's that time of year, kids. The leaves are turning. The air is crisp and cool. There is basketball to be played. It's just the preseason, but I'm sure all of you miss the game, the characters, the Garden, and the dulcet rhymes of Clyde Frazier as much as I do.

Tonight, Israel's finest, Maccabi Tel Aviv, come to MSG to take on our shorthanded roster. Eddy Curry and Renaldo Balkman are missing for the Knicks, while the corpse of Allan Houston may very well be involved. MTA includes several Israelis you may know, such as Yotam Halperin, as well as Americans like Marcus Fizer, Will Bynum, and Vonteego Cummings (who was the very capable sixth man of my NBA Live 2000 franchise).

I apologize for the lack of a KTO. We'll go into further detail about changes to our game procedure as the regular season approaches. I should be here for the Game Thread and for some recap action afterwards. I also understand that our very own Barnesgasm will be in the house, and I expect him to provide some funny recapitation of his own. For now, Happy NBA New Year, my friends. Come join in the chatter this evening. Peace.