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Friday Pudus

Here's what's floating around the internets the night after we said shalom to MTA...

  • I have notes from last night. They're not long or good enough to be their own recap post, but here's a few things I wrote down:
    - Jamal Crawford put on 15 pounds of muscle. That's a big, big deal.

    - Marcus Fizer appears to have added 15 pounds per square inch since I last saw him.

    - Zach Randolph looks naked without his headband

    - Lee should shave his head and tattoo some ram horns on his scalp. Anyone wanna photoshop that shit?

    - Nate appears to be attempting the Paul Millsap Memorial thin-line chinstrap beard. It's not working so hot, but you gotta respect the effort.

    - The Knicks have 2 dunk contest champs on their roster. 3 if you count David Lee's highschool days. 4 if you count Allan Houston's fourth place finish in 1994.

    That's all I got. We may still be waiting for a recap from Barnesgasm, who was in the house last night. It's all good.

  • Speaking of Barnesgasm, read this. Also dig 'Gasm's picture skillz.
  • Knickerblogger breaks down the over-populated roster.
  • Still two spots left in the fantasy league.
  • SML has the details on last night's game. Kudos to him for sitting through it.
That's all for now. I'm still counting on Barnesgasm for some legit coverage of last night, but no pressure, buddy. Peace.