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Eddy in the Clear

From Newsday:

Curry was re-evaluated by the Knicks' orthopedist, Dr. Answorth Allen, who cleared him to resume contact drills today with a protective brace on the injured shoulder. Barring any setbacks, Curry said he plans to suit up Wednesday for a preseason game against the Celtics, and coach Isiah Thomas confirmed that Curry is expected back in the lineup.

"I'm back," Curry said after some light shooting and non-contact drills at the MSG Training Center. "Put that in bold print: 'I'm back.' "

(I'm not one to neglect orders from Eddy Curry).

This is obviously good news, but if the David Lee and Jamal Crawford situations of last year are any indication, advice from the Knicks' medical staff is to be taken with a grain of salt. It'll be great for the Big EZ tandem (yeah, I'm using EZ Money and Big EZ pretty much interchangeably. I like them both, so fuck it) to get some rehearsal time, but let us join hands and pray that no further injury occurs.


(Belated tip of the hat to Matt Watson at the Fanhouse.)