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Thursday Gnus

Here's what's floating around the internets today...

  • The Knicks got completely shit-mouthed in Boston last night. The game went un-televised, which is probably for the better.
  • Jerome James may need surgery at some point, as the 9 patty melts he ate last night "hardware" from his reconstructive surgery is being rejected by his body. The big man says he's gonna wait until the summer, but it's still up in the air. The citizens of New York hold their breaths in anticipation of his decision.
  • Apparently both the artist formerly known as H20 and the frontcourt curently known as EZ Money had some issues last night. Better to get those kinks out of the way now, though.
  • The Knicks head to the swamp tonight. The game will be televised. Game thread coming for y'alls later.
That's it for now. Peace.