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Saturday Bearcats


Good day, friends. It's been too long, but I've got some news from around the internets and notes from Thursday night's game for everybody...

  • First some notes. I caught most of the New Jersey game and was not impressed. Here are the greatest hits of what I wrote down:
    - David Lee does not have a jumper yet

    - I wrote this about Jamaal Magloire last year, and had forgotten about it until the other night: "I am not a Jamaal Magloire fan. First of all, who the fuck made him too cool for the standard "Jamal"? Secondly, since when is it legal to piggyback Curry up and down the court, undercut him every time he takes a step, and pull him to the floor when he has the ball? Magloire finished with only 3 fouls, which is impossible. He should've gotten at least one foul for that extra "a" in his name, and probably could've been whistled for at least 6 more. I'm probably just reeling from the loss but, for now, that's a load of bullshit. If this weren't such a critical juncture in the season, I'd be calling for Eddy to sock Magloire in his face." That still holds true. Magloire's a dirty, dirty Canadian. He makes Malik Rose look like A.C. Green.

    - Same shit last year: too many threes, too many turnovers.

    - Magloire air-balled a free throw. Preseason rules!

    - Z-Bo has an extraordinarily quick release on that lefty hook of his. It almost looks like he's playing NBA Live and he hit the wrong button. Whatever works.

    - The Nets' sideline reporter is named Michelle Beadle and is hot. Why don't we get a lady on the sideline? Whatever. At least we can be sure no one's gonna sexually harass Al Trautwig,

    - Those heart-warming montages of a basketball player going to visit some kid with 25 cameras in the room are hilarious. Jason Kidd visited Kyle's house during this particular halftime.

    - Higlight of the night, hands down, was a Nets commercial that featured Lawrence Frank trying to pump up the fans. I don't know if you've ever heard his voice, but Frank's delivery of "Is anyone satisfied with having a mediocre year last year?" is as uncomfortable as it gets. It's like getting a pump-up speech from Woody Allen

  • I mentioned Jamaal Magloire's dirty play and that I wanted Eddy Curry to fight back at that kind of garbage. Well, I may be in luck. Curry appears to be changing his ways, and will now be thoroughly stomping anybody who tries to fuck with him. I love it.
  • Wilson "Pony Boy?" Chandler appears to have a real shot at the roster.
  • Everyone and their mother has mentioned this, but SML struck gold when he found this fart from the mixed-up mind of Isiah Thomas.
  • Barnesgasm brings you the greatest of song/higlight reel mash-ups. My favorite is a Mark Blount mixtape to that Puff Daddy song from "Godzila" that samples Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir". I once counted the number of times Puffy said "uh huh" and "yeah" in the intro to that song and I think it was close to 30.
That's all for now. The Knicks' next game is on Monday at home against the Celtics. Peace.

UPDATE: Correct me if I'm wrong, Willy, but I believe the P&T fantasy draft is tonight at 7. Be there.