The Knicks Uniform Number Project

Like a week ago, I got really curious. I wanted to find a list of who has worn which numbers on the Knicks. I didn't think it was going to be hard, I've seen lists like that for other teams, there's like 10 pages that just have Yankees uniform numbers and nothing else.

But I couldn't find one for the Knicks.

And since uniform numbers are a common topic here, or at least I remember discussing them once or twice, I wanna get a Knicks uniform number listing.

Here's how this is going to work: I'm going to list as many players for each number I can think of off the top of my head, and then, you guys figure out what I missed, and comment, and then hopefully Seth will figure out how to edit it to have what you suggested. Then, this can be a debate-ending machine, so like if you and your friend get into an argument about Tim Thomas' uni number, you can come here, and be like "HAH!" Trust me, that's going to happen.

And when someone gets traded and gets a new number, we can be like "these are the players that had that number previously". Simple shit like that.

I'm going with chronological order, from most recent to least recent.

And don't criticize how sucky my list is. I almost forgot Anthony Mason. And I'm not old enough to remember Rory Sparrow, or his uniform number, although, if I had to guess, I'd say 2. So we need help from the elders. In fact, most of what I got is from the years since 2000.

0 Jerrod Mustaf 1 Hewhomustnotbenamed Penny Hardaway Chris Childs Maurice Cheeks Ken "The Animal" Bannister 2 Fred Jones Maurice Taylor Jamison Brewer Larry Johnson Greg Anthony Rory Sparrow 3 Stephon Marbury John Starks 4 Nate Robinson Dermarr Johnson Howard Eisley Anthony Bonner Darrell Walker Johnny Newman 5: Randolph Morris Jalen Rose Tim Thomas 6 Qyntel Woods Maciej Lampe Charles Smith Trent Tucker 7 Channing Frye Lavor Postell Kenny "Sky" Walker 8 Ime "The Evilest Motherfucker Alive" Udoka Jermaine Jackson Latrell Sprewell Doug Christie Bo Kimble Pete Myers Ron Cavenall Vince Taylor 9 Matt Barnes Rick Brunson Tony Campbell Richie Guerin 10 Walt Frazier 11 Jamal Crawford Bob Mcadoo Derek Harper Rod Strickland 12 Dick Barnett 13 Malik Rose Jerome James Nazr Mohammed Luc Longley Mark Jackson Ed Sherod Ray Williams 14 Ma boy Bruno Sundov Chris Dudley Anthony Mason Chris McNealy Mike Newlin 15 Earl Monroe Dick Mcguire 18 Ernie Grunfeld Phil Jackson 19 Willis Reed 20 Jared Jeffries Allan Houston Rolando Blackman Michael Ray Richardson "Jammin" James Bailey 21 Wilson Chandler Trevor Ariza Charlie Ward Gerald Wilkins Truck Robinson Campy Russell 22 Dave Debusschere 23 Quintin Richardson Marcus Camby Brian Quinnett Bob Thornton 24 Bill Bradley 25 Mardy Collins Moochie Norris Frank Williams Erick Strickland David Wingate Doc Rivers Bill Cartwright 26 Kelvin Cato 28 Andrew Lang 29 Slavko Vranes 30 Bernard King 31 Jerome James Malik Rose Jerome Williams Mark Jackson 32 Renaldo Balkman Antonio Davis Othella Harrington Herb Williams Xavier McDaniel Jawann Oldham 33 Patrick Ewing Sly Williams 34 Eddy Curry Antonio McDyess Charles Oakley Kenny "Sky" Walker Mike "The Stinger" Glenn 35 Terry Cummings 40 Kurt Thomas Walter McCarty Tim McCormick Willie Anderson 41 Glen Rice 42 David Lee Vin Baker Chris Mills Pat Cummings 43 Gerald Henderson Toby Knight Eddie Lee Wilkins 44 Travis Knight John Wallace Hubie Davis Paul Westphal Glen Godrenzick Mike Woodson Len Elmore Sid Hastings Sidney Green 45 Jackie Butler 49 Shandon Anderson Marvin "The Human Eraser" Webster 50 Zach Randolph Felton Spencer Michael Sweetney Greg Anthony Joe C Merriwether 52 Buck Williams 54 Charles Smith Brad Lohaus 55 Dikembe Mutombo Louis Orr So help out, bitches, because my list is ridiculously incomplete. I doubt I even got all the current Knicks on there. Together, we can make a semi-definitive list of uniform numbers of players who have been on the Knicks, since, oh, I don't know, the early 1990's, or possibly late 80's. So mark down what I missed in the comments, because I want this to be good.