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Jamal Unleashed!

In a world plagued by the insecurities of war, hunger, and poverty, we've always been able to take solace in the certainty that Jamal Crawford will take what he's given and won't say anything stupid. Well, friends, the world is crumbling around us. From From Alan Hahn's blog:

"Is Kobe Bryant getting traded here or something? I don't see what two-guard - no disrespect to my teammates - but is [Dwyane] Wade coming in or somebody else?"
Well, Q maybe could play the two.

"I think Q plays small forward."

"We'll see what happens, but I don't see anybody else, no disrespecting, but I worked very hard so I can be just as good as anybody else."

So you're saying that's your spot now:

"I'm not going to say I'm better than anybody, but I'm also not going to say anybody is better than me. Take it how you want."

It's probably harmless, but I'm never pleased with this kind of utilization of the media. If you've got strong feelings about what your coach does, tell the coach. Don't make it difficult for Isiah by putting him on the spot like that. Again, this is out of character for Crawford, but it's still uncalled for at this time.

Ironically, the article goes on to mention that Allan Houston has an invite to training camp. How 'bout them apples, Jamal?