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Curry Injures Shoulder

From the NY Post:

Eddy Curry has suffered a shoulder injury that could put him out for preseason. The scary thing is they don't know for sure. He'll have an MRI tonight in Columbia, S.C. for the full diagnosis.

The Knicks face the Sixers in Columbia tomorrow for their preseason opener with no Eddy or Jerome James. So much for Eddy and Zach establishing chemistry in preseason.

Curry said his goal is to be back for the season opener Nov. 2 in Cleveland. He said he'll probably need to rehab it. Curry injured the shoulder Friday in a post-up drill with David Lee, getting entangled. He felt "sharp pain'' last night. The good sign is he finished practice.

Please, not this again. We went through so much shit last season. If not dignity or respect, at least give us good health in the new season.