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Pre-Season Funtime: Knicks 101, Sixers 92

If the Knicks win in Columbia, SC and nobody's there to see it, is it still a win? Well, we do have a boxscore and Alan Hahn's report from halftime as proof. We also have the only redeeming element of the preseason: awkward photos!

You're welcome, Columbia!
(AP Photo/ Mary Ann Chastain)

Anyway, the Curry-less, Humpty-less defeated Louis Amundson and the Sixers today down in South Carolina. No one stole the show, although Zach Randolph put up an efficient 17 and 5 and David Lee got the start to the tune of 18 and 6. Yeah.

The Knicks' next game (and this one's televised), is at the Garden against Maccabi Tel Aviv on Thursday. That'll be a fun one.