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A new season is upon us.

Tomorrow begins what I expect to be a rollercoaster of a Knicks season. If you're like me, you can look forward to a full spectrum of emotions over the next few months- from unbridled joy to feverishness to violent fury. It's gonna be great. Since we've gained some readers over the summer, I'll go ahead and explain the general procedure for the Knick season. For you P&T vets, there are going to be some changes (all bad, probably) this year as well.

Last year, gameday brought with it a Know the Opponent and a game thread. The Know the Opponent (KTO) was a little outlet for my insanity, and gave some fallacious background information on the other team's roster. I just can't see that happening this year. There are several reasons. First of all, I'm now in college and actually have work that needs doing. Those KTO's took me more time than you might think, and I just have to strike some balance this season. I probably used up most of my good jokes last year anyway. Also, FreeDarko did what is pretty much a funnier, smarter, more thorough version of the KTO last week. So that feature will either be irregular or completely absent from this upcoming season. I'm brainstorming for alternative pre-game buffets of silliness to do this year. We'll see.

The game thread will remain the same. It'll be a post in which you guys (and myself many times) can leave comments on live game action. It can be anything from halftime analysis of the first two quarters to "OMG I FUCKIN H8 MALIK ROSE!!!11111". It's all good.

Sometime after the game (within 24 hours usually), I'll post my game notes. These are typically a mix of key game trends and aimless musings on bloopers or players' facial hair. It's gonna be more difficult for me to catch games this season, so I'll often look to you guys to pen up some notes. A good recap will be formatted by me and then showcased on the main page. It's a big deal.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to another extremely entertaining season, and I'm real excited to have you guys along for the ride.


UPDATE: I have a goal this year of organizing a trip to a game. It'd probably be during my Christmas break, so just go ahead and cancel all your appointments in December and January.