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Magic 112, Knicks 102

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Hello, everyone. I don't have many notes and I'm still kinda depressed about this game, so this will be quick. The Knicks were handed their first home loss last night at the hands of the Orlando Magic. Dwight Howard was a beast on the boards, Jameer Nelson got into the paint with ease, and Rashard Lewis filled it up from outside. Here's them notes:

  • Actually, most of my notes are some combination of profanity and punctuation, so here's just a handful of things...
  • Al Trautwig gave a pregame tour of the lockerroom area and backed into a wall. That was the high point of the night. There's a buffet room down the hall from the lockers that serves food during the whole game. So THAT'S where Jerome James always is.
  • Clyde was rocking a shirt and tie with a brown leather jacket. Might be a top five Clyde outfit of all time.
  • There's a kid here who looks exactly like Hedo Turkoglu. Exactly.
  • The Knicks sucked last night. It's really hard to pinpoint a specific deficit. There were too many turnovers (20) and they coulda shot better from the field (44.3%), but otherwise they kept decent pace with the Magic. The pace just didn't favor them and Orlando got whatever they wanted around the basket. Then when the second unit came in, they couldn't provide their usual spark and get things running. Whatever.
After the high of the Nuggets game, the suck factor of this one was especially hard. Heat tomorrow.