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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat- 11-11-07

Hello, everybody. My apologies to anyone who had trouble accessing the site today (a relatively small population that, unfortunately, included myself). The 2-2 Knicks are at home this evening to take on the strugggggling Miami Heat. Dwyane Wade's participation is questionable due to healing limbs, while Zach Randolph's hinges upon his ability to return from his grandmother's funeral in Indiana. Either way, we can expect the winless Heat to be pissed off and ripe for a win at the Garden. Since Jerome James is too injured to fulfill his only logical purpose in this league, Eddy Curry (and Malik Rose, I bet) will be burdened with the task of handling Shaquille O'Neal. Ricky Davis is also on the Heat. Otherwise, I don't have a fucking clue who does things for them anymore. I guess Jason Williams is decent. Whatever.

The Knicks need a win to be above .500 going into a West Coast road trip, and it will require a great deal more focus and flow than was displayed on Friday night. I'll be here for the thread and to recap sometime tonight or tomorrow. Let the comments fly as the night progresses. Get them W's!