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No More Marbury?

With the Knicks in an early mini-tailspin heading into their West Coast road trip, the newspapers be buzzing about change. The cool thing to speculate on these days? Stephon Marbury leaving the Knicks. From the Daily News:

A high-ranking team official told the Daily News that Thomas and Dolan have been in talks in recent days concerning Marbury's future. Knicks brass is considering what options it has to reduce Marbury's role or get rid of him entirely.

A trade is unlikely because Marbury, the team's controversial point guard, is scheduled to earn $42 million over the next two seasons. Dolan's and Thomas' history suggests that they would not rule out negotiating a buyout for Marbury, who then would become a free agent. At the very least, Marbury's minutes could be reduced substantially for as long as he remains on the team.

I don't know that removing Stephon Marbury would directly answer any of our specific issues, although he has historically improved teams by departing. I do think that Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson are viable options to fill the point guard role if Steph left. What do we think of this? Is this a legitimate/likeable possibility or just media hysteria?

UPDATE: Marbury was not at the shootaround today, perhaps because he is being benched for poor defense. Thanks to DoctorK16 for the find.