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Sunday Alpacas

Oh, hi. Nice to see you. The Knicks ate shit last night, prompting this season's first visit from Francis the vomiting man. I've got a smattering of game notes (if you haven't noticed, my ability to properly recap games wavers during a bad loss), and a few other linkz for y'allz.

  • First some notes from the loss:
    - Isiah was booed heartily by the Denver crowd, and he actually acknowledged the crowd with a little bow and a shrug of his shoulders. Bizarre.

    - Zeke's got some nice colorful handkerchiefs going lately.

    - The referees were having a problem jumping up the ball. After Carmelo Anthony stole a tip, the ref threw about 4 headfakes before he tossed it up for real, making Melo look like an idiot. The same thing happened to Zach Randolph later on.

    - I'm pretty sure that I heard Clyde refer to David Lee's posting up of Anthony as "humping and bumping".

    - As the Nuggles were running into the tunnel at halftime, a girl in a Denver jersey was reaching for high fives. She got one from every single person except George Karl. That dick.

    - I have nothing else to say about this game. The Nuggets are pretty good and the Knicks are pretty terrible.

  • Knickerblogger says that the time has come to can Isiah Thomas. Read that.
  • Barnesgasm has officially lost his shit.
  • Make sure you check out Mase's diary that's sorta in the same vein as the Knickerblogger link.
I'm so tired of the Knicks right now. We'll talk later. Peace.

Update: Could rehabbing the Knicks be Bryan Colangelo's masterpiece?