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Monday Swamp Rabbits

Happy Monday, kids. Hope everyone's not too bummed to be back at school/work. I just got back last night (hence the no posting. I was in a car al day), and I'm ready to sit down and watch a game of Knicks basketball the old-fashioned way. Your game thread will be up later, and this time I'll be watching and recapping just like I'm supposed to be. For now, let's see some links...

  • Henry Abbott found this article on fixing the Knicks without making moves. It's worth a read, but I can't advocate anything that suggests starting David Lee and Jared Jeffries.
  • This is a couple days old, but my SB Nation comrade, Tom Ziller posted a "Choose Your Own Adventure" featuring Stephon Marbury, and it's hilarious.
  • Swamp rabbits sound scary, but they're really not.
  • I haven't given up on this season or anything, but...mmmmmm.
  • A lot of people say we should replace Stephon Marbury and Isiah Thomas. I say we should replace Stephon Marbury with Isiah Thomas. Sounds like he's still got game.
  • I'm eating balls in the P&T fantasy league...but I did just pick up Jeff Green!
  • Quick show of hands in the comments...If we got some cheap seats for a game in early-mid January, who'd be interested in attending?
That's all for now. Game thread cominatcha in a few hours. Peace.