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"She better not go too far from the lotions, bro."

How come we never find out about these things until after they happen? This is a couple days old, but a definite winner. It's David Lee, along with Richard Jefferson, Chris Bosh, Cuttino Mobley, Grant Hill, and Dwight Howard, appearing on Family Feud against all of their mothers...and it's magical.

Some thoughts:

- Richard Jefferson is still a big baby.

- David Lee's storied sexual prowess has clearly never ventured into the bathtub.

- He also called Richard O'Hurley "bro". Yes sir.

- Cuttino Mobley is a fucking mack.

- D-Lee's mom is a bit overzealous, no? Don't think she understands the game.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed. Peace, kids. And remember, ladies, if you're gonna bathe with David Lee, don't forget the fucking lotion.


(Tip of the hat to With Leather.)