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Game Thread and Preview: Knicks at Celtics- 11-29-07

Good evening, bitches. It's been a few days since the Knicks played, and we've got a big one tonight. The Knicks are playing the 1,290-2 Celtics on TNT NBA Thursday, and you know what that means: The vocal stylings of Marv Albert, the pimposity of Craig Sager, the badassery of Ernie Johnson, and some rude commentary from Charles Barkley.

In the meantime, Jim from Green Bandwagon and myself exchanged some Q's and also some A's to preview tonight's contest. Dig.

Seth: You've got the Big Three...but who's the fourth option? Rondo? Perk? Is there even one?

Jim: The scary thing is from night to night I really have no idea. I saw them play the Lakers live and Perkins had the game of his life. But Bynum was in foul trouble and the Lakers weren't exactly locking him down. In other games he has been relatively quiet. Similarly Rondo shot lights out against Orlando but was atrocious from the field the other night in Cleveland. I think that inconsistency will continue from two guys that are younger than 24. The bigger issue is that I'm never entirely sure what Eddie House and James Posey will bring to the table. With House it all depends on if his shot is falling. Posey is a bit more of a mystery. Realistically though Doc has been playing Pierce, Ray Allen and Garnett a lot to make up for this. And Pierce generally sits out the end of the first and then plays the second with the bench, with the offense running through him. Long story short it is all about the stars and then from night to night your guess is as good as mine. Although I do wish Tony Allen were healthy.

Seth: Hypothetical situation: The Celtics are playing against a terrible team...say, the Sixers, or somebody. They trot out a lineup of Garnett, Allen, Pierce, You, and Me. I don't know about you, but I'm about 5'10'' and of rather slight build. We probably still have a legitimate shot at winning, right?

Jim: I would have you in height and weight and neither would do us any good. Also consider the fact that Garnett's intensity would make me fear for my life, even though his head is in the right place. I'd be even more useless than what my game would suggest, if that is possible. Granted I haven't seen the Sixers yet but even the 12th man on the Lakers was lights out in warm ups. They're all freaks of nature. Strangely Garnett would pass to us if we were open. That's just the type of player he is. And that's bad for everyone.

Seth: Does this squad have you completely convinced, or do you share some of the beliefs that, when push comes to shove, Boston might not have the depth to keep up? How deep can they go with this setup?

Jim: I tend to fall into the "they're going way too hard in November" school of thought and worry about the stars' minutes. Also after watching Cleveland the other night I'm not entirely sure how anyone beats LeBron if he gets any kind of consistent help. Of course I'm ignoring Cleveland's 35-point loss to a banged up Detroit last night. But I'm the same guy that truly believed the Celtics had a chance in nearly all of those games during that epic 18 game losing streak. Come spring I'll pick the Celtics against anyone if they're healthy.

Seth: Honestly, do you ever watch Pierce, Allen, and Garnett casually destroy another team and feel a little bit guilty that your team is so stacked? Just a little? Please say you do.

Jim: My top 5 Celtics memories:

Overall no. I was too young to really appreciate the Celtics glory years (I was five when they won their last title). In fact here's how I rank my top five memories in order of how they affected me, good or bad, prior to the moves this off season.

  1. Dee Brown's dunk contest.
  2. The Celtics historic comeback victory in a playoff game against the Nets. New Jersey won the series.
  3. The Rick Pitino era.
  4. Al Jefferson's time in Boston.  
  5. Reggie Lewis' death.
Not exactly great times. So it is nice to follow a winner and actually see the Celtics on national TV again. That said I don't feel quite right about the Garnett trade. I'm not sure people made a big enough deal about how sketchy Kevin McHale sending the Big Ticket to his old franchise and buddy Danny Ainge was. Especially if there were better options on the table. Of course I also don't understand the "don't trade to teams in your conference" mantra. Granted I don't think about it that much and I'm happy to overlook it.

Also, go check out GB formy A's 2 J's Q's.

I'll be here for at least part of the game thread. This one's gonna be fun. There'll be plenty of fans of both teams (though the vast majority are Boston-cocks) in my room tonight, so we should have some interesting stories. Anyway, Knicks at C's. Tonight. 8:00. Get them W's. I'm so scared.