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Cavaliers 110, Knicks 106

Good morning, everybody. Last night your New York Knicks took an opening night loss at the hands of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Bron dropped 45 points and lead the Cavs in a fourth quarter push that put the Knicks under for good. Game notes:

  • Clyde started the season off strong with a brownish-reddish checkered jacket.
  • I always find it funny how well Clyde remembers his line (36 pts, 19 asts, 7 rebs, 4 stls) from the Finals Game 7 in 1970.
  • The Knicks have some new warmups with broad blue, orange, and black stripes across the front. I like them a lot but, like Barnesgasm, I think everybody should be wearing them if it's gonna be effective.
  • Clyde clearly did some studying this summer, as he pulled out the word "ignominious" early in the first quarter. He stumbled a little bit, but I'm looking forward to other additions to Clyde's vocab.
  • Boobie Gibson started things off with a 4-point play that I swear was nowhere near the three-point line. Either way, that got the Boobie rolling, and he ended up with 6-9 from downtown. Egh.
  • Also, why does he have the Astros logo shaved into his hair?
  • Early on in the first quarter, it was all Steph and Jamal getting to the hole for points. As much as Curry and Randolph are the focal points of the offense, I like the drive-and-kick game quite a bit.
  • I'm pretty sure Zydrunas Ilgauskas was #12 on the 2007 "People Who Should Never Shave Their Heads" list, right betweeen #11 Jon Gruden and #13 Carrot Top.
  • At one point Crawford dropped in a floater from just behind the free throw line that Clyde said was from "6 feet out". Maybe I misheard him, but I've noted a few times that the man really has no sense of distance nor time.
  • I do want to be LeBron James.
  • If I were LeBron James, it would take Humpty exactly one minute to foul me three times.
  • If Boobie Gibson isn't in the game, then you double LeBron every time he even thinks about touching the ball. If Donyell Marshall beats you, then so be it.
  • We have two TVs in my room, so some other guys put the Celtics game on low volume on the little set. Ugly game. If you're wondering where Mike Breen was last night, he was there. He's also in a very funny ESPN commercial with Chris Bosh. I had no idea that Mike had a sense of humor!
  • Speaking of which, I always get nervous when Gus Johnson's announcing because it pretty much guarantees a close game.
  • I sorta thought Fred Jones would be a fringe player on the roster, but he seems to have hijacked Mardy Collins' spot in the rotation. Fred saw some burn early in the second quarter, and did a decent job on the 6'' taller LeBron. He also has a nice pharoah beard.
  • Randolph plays decent off-the-ball defense.
  • It's weird to watch MSG in a different place and see different local commercials, like for "Capitol Waterbeds". I miss Callaremi Dodge.
  • I really love the Knicks' depth. The second quarter was filled with a mixed bag of Knick starters and bench players keeping up with all of the Cavs' starting five.
  • As Barnesgasm pointed out last night, Gus Johnson tried his hand at a little Clydeism, dropping the line "rakes it and takes it" at one point. I'll give it a 6 out of 10. No one does it like Clyde does.
  • Just me, or does Clyde's pronunciation of "bench" sound like "bitch"? Listen carefully next time.
  • The announcers noted that the Knicks' starting lineup is filled with inexperience. Steph, Jamal, Q, and Z-Bo all played one year of college ball, and Curry played none.
  • I wanna nickname someone on the Knicks "Chocolate Rain". Crawford maybe?
  • If they're willing to put in the effort, Curry and Randolph could be pretty effective in fronting opposing big men on the block.
  • There's a new "Hey, you're Earl "The Pearl" Monroe!" commercial for HIP. This year, though, we have an overenthusiastic fireman as the main character. I miss the MILF with the ugly jump shot.
  • For some reason the boxscore says that Randolph was 1-2 from the line, but I'm pretty sure he was 1-8. Isn't he supposed to be a good free throw shooter?
  • Lastly, these commercials with the Knick fans ("Formidable. Do you even know what that means, Boston?") are fucking terrible. Not looking forward to a whole season of those.
Overall, many of last season's familiar downfalls set the Knicks back in this particular game. They couldn't defend the three (12-22) and couldn't capitalize on free throw attempts (14-23). There was also an epidemic inability to grab defensive rebounds, and the Cavs connected on way too many second efforts. The good news is that turnovers were limited, the Knicks were solid (8-15) from outside and from the field (46%). It was a loss, but not reason yet to be worried. That's it for now, kids. Next game is the home opener tomorrow against the T-Wolves. See you then.