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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nuggets- 11-6-07

The 1-1 Knickerbockers are at home this evening to take on the Denver Nuggets. This is, of course, the team with which the Knicks tussled last year in the infamous brawl. Whatever.

The Nugs are an imposing matchup, with Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson providing defensive headaches, and the frontcourt duo trio of Camby, Martin, and Nene to throw at EZ Money.

Most important, though, is that logo (from the awesome from the 1970's Nuggets. My question is this: Is the miner righty or lefty? To clarify, if you were to mine and play basketball simultaneously, which task would get the dominant hand? Leave your comments on this question and on the course of the game throughout the evening. Also make sure to check out The Nugg Doctor for the opposing point of view.

I'll be here for the game thread and will recapify tomorrow afternoon. Get them W's.