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Knicks 119, Nuggets 112

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Oh, what a night. The Knicks defeated Denver at the Garden in rousing fashion last night, using a huge fourth quarter to outscore the talented Nuggets. First some notes, and then I'll get into why I feel this game is important.

  • Clyde was rocking a navy blue jacket with a black and white checkered tie and handkerchief. It seemed like a pretty low-key outfit for the man, until his bright purple shoes were revealed at halftime.
  • MSG did a little black-and-white snuff film styling on the footage of last year's brawl. Cute.
  • Kenyon Martin sat this one out because he's not playing back-to-backs (microfracture) and wanted to rest up for the Celtics tomorrow. I take offense.
  • I'm making it a crusade this season to point out how often Mike Breen asks questions of which he already knows the answers. Example: "Clyde, was there this much hugging before a game when you played?" No, there wasn't. We know you know.
  • Quentin Richardson came out on firing and on fire, and then promptly went cold for the rest of the game.
  • If my ears don't deceive me, Clyde likened Marcus Camby's shooting form to the strike of a cobra. Odd, but not entirely inaccurate.
  • The Nugs got absolutely everything they wanted for much of the game, but especially the first half. Iverson walked into the paint whenever he chose. Melo got looks from the midrange. Kleiza was open from downtown. The team defense, particularly help defense, needs to be much more consistent.
  • In fact, I wouldn't have minded Curry or Randolph putting Iverson on his ass a few times. If you're not gonna contest shots, then at least maim somebody. Jeez.
  • If Denver ever assembles a team with as many drug charges as the "JailBlazers" of old, they will be called the "Dank Nugs".
  • Someone found Posting and Toasting by googling "milf with ugly jump shot". It's things like this that help me get up in the morning.
  • Clyde rhyme I've never heard: "Banking and Thanking". This came after Eduardo Najera shot-putted a three-pointer off the glass and in.
  • In the commercial for "Diamond at the Rock", the word "originals" scrolls across the screen. At one point, part of the word is obscured so that it reads "ginal". Heehee.
  • I like Crawford coming off the curl for short jumpers and floaters.
  • Melo goaltended one of Quentin Richardson's shots, but it went in anyway. That's pretty emasculating.
  • Plaxico Burress was the subject of Jill Somebody's "Gimme a Minute" which, as Barnesgasm noted, is just like Bobbito Garcia's "Hot Minute", only more intelligible and with more technical difficulties. Plaxico Burress drives around in a souped-up, street legal golf cart.
  • Nobody here at school really gets my superstitions yet. During the first game, someone came in my room for a little and the Cavs immediately went on a run. I asked him to leave and he laughed, to which I replied, "No, really. Peace the fuck out." They'll get used to it.
  • The Knicks had 19 turnovers, which is bad, but not as awful as it looks. A sizeable portion of those TO's were Jamal Crawford shuffling his feet, which will either be fixed or called less as the season goes on. At one point Clyde suggested that the Knicks had more "pep in their step", which was immediately followed by a Crawford foot-shuffle and Clyde responding with "maybe too much pep." More like too many steps.
  • Mike Breen noted that while Renaldo Balkman didn't have many rebounds, he'd gotten "his hands on a lot of balls". Thank you, Mike.
  • I think I mentioned that I won the tickets of my summer job boss at a raffle a few months ago? Well, I fucking saw the smug little guy in a shot of the Knicks bench. Them seats are CHOICE. I'm stoked for the game.
  • Lots of primal screams in this one. Love it.

    The mating call of the Humpty, rarely heard before the first snow of winter.
    (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Alright, time for a little more meaningful discussion of what might be a big game.
  • The boxscore is a thing of beauty. All of the big four put up at least 20 and 8 in their traditional categories. That's sweet.
  • On that note, much has been made of the interplay and possible redunancy between Curry and Randolph, but how about Steph and Jamal? Those are two are pretty much alternating the point guard and shooting guard roles, and the effect has been pretty sweet as of yet.
  • Two games could be coincidence. Three games is a trend. Isiah's keeping the rotation short.
  • Here's the thing about this one, and I mentioned this at halftime in the game thread. The Nuggets played a hell of a game, with (from my biased perspective, anyway), few real complaints to be made (NuggDoc would beg to differ). Meanwhile, the Knicks turned the ball over like nobody's business, played little to no defense, shot miserably from the line...and pulled out a victory. They won in spite of themselves! That never happened last year!
  • Furthermore, it's important that the Knicks got this win early in the season. Knowing what it feels like go gut out a big win in front of a packed Garden crowd is incentive to repeat the effort in the future. Or at least I'd like to hope so.
  • Several individual performances were stellar- Steph was tough, Jamal was clutch, Humpty was lockdown, and Z-Bo was quietly the most effective player on the court- but hats (and mittens) go off to Eddy Curry above all else. Instead of quietly fading in the fourth quarter, he came alive and got key putbacks and stops to seal the deal. Cynical bastards will say that's what a big man is supposed to do (whatchoo want...a cookie!?), but it's a big deal.
That's all for now, folks. It was a big win, and hopefully indicative (at least partially) of the guts and grit we can expect from the 07-08 Knicks. The next game is Friday against the Magic. Peace.

Note: Big thanks to everybody who lit up the game thread. Probably the best thread in P&T history. Just makes the experience more fun for everybody.