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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Magic- 11-9-07

Laaaadies. How are we this evening? Welcome to your Friday night Game Thread. Tonight the Knicks are at home to face the Orlando Magic. I wanna get some din before I settle in to watch the game, so I'll make this quick. The Magic are tougher than they seem. Rashard Lewis possesses the perfect combination of height and shooting ability to pose a problem, and the Knicks will have trouble keeping Dwight Howard off the glass unless electrification of the rim is suddenly legalized. Meanwhile, Hedo Turkoglu is lights out from three-point land and we all know that some other fringe player is going to have a career night. I'm going with Marcin Gortat, if only because of this (scroll down for one of the greatest video finds of the 21st century). Simply put, the Knicks will have their hands full. Hopefully, though, the defense tightens up and the offense flows as well as it has in the past few games. This would be a big one.

I'll be here for the thread and to recap tomorrow afternoon. I'd love if we could match the thread population that we had in the Denver game. Makes it more fun for everybody. Get them W's!

(For a more Magical perspective, check out SB Nation's great new Orlando blog, Third Quarter Collapse.)