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When is it okay to boo?

The discussion has already started below, so I'll make it its own thread for everyone.

The Knicks have registered almost a dozen lackluster, careless efforts this year, which brought boos and chants of "Fire Isiah" down from the bleachers. Most would agree that fans must voice their feelings when the team isn't performing to such a degree.

But what about last night? The Knicks performed well and came away with a pretty nice win over the rival Nets. Crawford, Randolph, and Curry had some of their best games of the season, and a nice run in the fourth quarter put the game out of reach. But then the "Fire Isiah" chants started up as time wound down in the quarter. Surely, one win over a shitty team doesn't suddenly relieve Isiah of his target status, but can you really call for his head after a home victory? What does that say about us as an organization and a fanbase? Is there a difference between booing wholesale and calling for the firing of one person?

Some thoughts from our commenters:

DoctorK16: "There's a fine line between being demanding and mean, and that line was crossed last night."

Anthony Mason's Haircut: "I dont care if the "fire isiah" chants come after every play. the change needs to be made."

SamH: "I'm tired of the garden booing when we're down and cheering any little, pathetic run. that's not going to change anything. people need to be dissatisfied no matter what the immediate state of the team."

Let yourself be heard in the comments.