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Pearls of Insanity

Henry Abbott at TrueHoop leads us to a fantastic project at Inside Hoops: Isiah Thomas' best quotations since 2003. It's amazing to follow his train of thought over the years as it speeds up, slows down, screeches to a halt, and turns about face from month to month. I also took particular interest in the amount of foreshadowing in certain parts, as well as the number of times he went against his word. Some of my favorites:

"He's got great stuff. `His defense stuff is solid, his offensive stuff is exceptional. He's got a great basketball background. I'm confident if we can put the right things around him from a coaching standpoint, I as a manager can do the right things by him, he can have success here." - expressing his confidence in Don Chaney

"We're in the state where I think it would be impossible for me to do both and do them well. `We're trying to get healthy and we got to dig ourselves out of a big hole. And I don't think I would do this organization justice by trying to do both jobs." - on if he could coach and be in the front office

"But I didn't think it was a good message to send to our fans to say: `You know, we haven't made the playoffs in two years. We're going to get rid of all the salary and go young, and, you know, by the way, the next three years we aren't going to make the playoffs because we're going to be young and rebuilding."' - after the Knicks were swept in the playoffs by the Nets.

And of course...

"I have no interest in coaching,. I don't think I'll ever coach the New York Knicks."

It's remarkable. I highly recommend looking through the whole thing. It'll open your eyes.