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Bobcats 105, Knicks 95

It was sad and ugly, and I only watched 2 1/2 quarters of it, but I do have some notes on last night's loss to the Bobcats. Dig:

  • John Andariese was filling in for Clyde. Other than the fact that he never really seems to be paying much attention, I have no complaints.
  • The first 8 Bobcat points came from 3 dunks and an uncontested layup. That did not bode well.
  • For someone who's been ice-cold all season, Quentin Richardson does not have much of a conscience from downtown.
  • Nazr Mohammed sighting! I liked him. And now he's on my fantasy team.
  • Do you think Matt Carroll's eyebrows are stuck that way? Or is he just a really skeptical person?
  • Nate should always attack the basket. Always.
  • It's weird to see David Lee faltering a little. He had another one of those games in which his staple plays weren't working. He coughed up a few power dribbles, botched a few spin moves, and even shanked a dunk.
  • You know how kangaroos can't actually walk, but can only hop from place to place? The same goes for Ryan Hollins.
  • At one point, Andariese chimed in with, "You get a hand up in a guy's face, there's a good chance he'll miss it". At first I was all like, "excellent point, Johnny Obvious. Thanks for that." But then I realized that most Knicks don't appear to grasp that fact.
  • At one point, right before I turned off the TV, Q got benched and some words for anyone in earshot (I'm pretty sure I saw "Fuck that!"). Isiah sprung into action so abruptly that Herb Williams felt it necessary to get in between them. It ended up being nothing more than a heated conversation, but we nearly saw an intra-bench bench-clearing brawl.
  • At 7'0'' and 135 pounds, Ryan Hollins has no business keeping Eddy Curry out of the paint.
That is all. Sorry this is late, but I've been traveling all day. Which leads me to my next post...