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Monday Ermines

Hey, everybody. Don't know why you'd be coming to read about the Knicks at what's supposed to be a festive time of year, but here's a few odds and ends for you...

- The Knicks' comeback fell short against the Lakers last night, and antnyk was kind enough to take notes for us. Here it goes:

I didn't see the intro's to the game, but im assuming it went along the lines of
Isiah- Crying and throwing rocks onto the court while people screamed of armagedon

It was a throwback day so the knicks got to wear the jerseys to remind them of the good ol times. ya no when players gave a shit

Jamal had 1 point at the half, assuming because he was wasted the night before and nobody told him it was a day game.

My work started in the 2nd half with the knicks scoring only 37 points, the garden being silent, and 1 of my fave old knicks trevor ariza nailing a 3 at the halftime buzzer. needless 2 say my mindset was not too good

Al Trautwig called the 1st half an "ouch half". well put

Lee and n8 started the 2nd half, im assuming this is what zeke ment after the game when he talked of changes in the starting lineup.

A RICK FOX SIGHTING ( isiah may have signed him and this could also be what he ment by changes)

Kobe hit the 20,000 point mark early in the 3rd. He really is the best player ive ever seen its amazing. This is also ironic because Q rich hit the 20,000 misses from 3 point range in a season during this game as well.

Q actually played good D on kobe, literally every shot was a jump shot with a hand in his face that could not have been played better.

"The Chant" started with 6:04 left in the 3rd

Curry and Z-Bo played basically like 8 mins combined in the 3rd. This is where the run began.

Crawford sobered up at the half and basically dominated throughout the rest of the game.

As usual rose came in and had the team playing tougher D and playing smarter with the ball. I think he beats everyone on the team and their all terrified of him.

Spike and Chris rock were at courtside giving kobe a hard time. Spike was going nuts throughout the game and it was comforting.

I HATE the knicks stupid fucking commercials. I dont know who thought that was a good marketing campaign, but it makes me feel better to think isiah thought them up.

David Lee had another double double and played hard as usual. As a side note im pretty sure if he asked me out i would say yes.

Knicks actually played them pretty hard but kobe was just 2 good. It basically could have been kobe, mike breen, and me against the knicks and the same results would happen.

The knicks trailed by 25 at one point but brought the lead all the way down to 2 in the fourth quarter.

Phil Jackson put the rookie Javaris Crittenton in the game for the 1st time with 3 mins left in the game. At this point the only people scoring were jamal and nate and he would have 2 guard him. Im hoping your confused by this 2.

Garden was actually pretty nuts and even i was excited for a game that if it had not been for this i prob would have stopped watching.

With about 4 seconds left the knicks had the ball at the halfcourt inbound down by 3. Thankfully David Lee threw the ball at Jordan Farmar that way I wouldn't have to be nervous over if nate would make the shot or not.

And that should do it. I had fun doing this shit right here and had the knicks have pulled off a win i would have suggested handing this duty over 2 me for good luck purposes. Thankfully the knicks love the cock so i will no longer be responsible. It was basically a throwback game from the past few years where we suck come, come back, and lose which is a nice change from lose by 21 but none the less not fun. Hopefully something is done by the time christmas is over. By then Rick Fox's physical should have checked out and he will be good 2 go.

Now that's a big gray box.

That's all I got for now, kiddies. Have a happy and safe Christmas Eve, everybody. Peace.