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Let Dolph Spin!

With the Knicks currently languishing in the cellar of the NBA, there are rumors abound that lineup changes are on the horizon. It seems that Eddy Curry will be relieved of his starting duties in favor of David Lee. While I support any sort of change, I think I've got a better idea. Brace yourself.

Start Randolph Morris. That's right. Why not? He's young (21 in a couple days), large (6'11'', 260 lbs.), and many think he would've been first round material had the Knicks not snagged him fresh out of the NCAA Tournament. He's pretty much the only untapped resource we have. I love David Lee, but what the Knicks need right now is an intimidator in the paint. Anyone who saw Big Dolph swatting Kevin Durant in the Summer League has to have at least a glimmer of hope that he could grow into that role. Put it this way...what if this experiment doesn't pay off? The Knicks probably lose some games (nothing new) and Dolph is sent back to the injured list (also nothing new). It's time to gamble a little bit.

I see two drawbacks. First, there will Eddy Curry's bruised (never broken) ego, which I don't give a shit about. Second, there would be two "Randolphs" in the starting lineup, which would be frustrating to no end. Other than that, I see no issue.

So, if no real changes are to be made, can't we at least explore our own roster? Let's take Randolph Morris for a test drive.(Hopefully he'll be sober). What's the worst that could happen?