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Game Thread: Knicks at Magic- 12-26-07

Wow. With Marbury still gone and the Knick frontcourt faltering, you figured Isiah would bench the unproductive Eddy Curry and start David Lee (or Randolph Morris if he knows whats good for him). Wrong. According to that article, the new lineup will be Jamal, Q, Jeffries, Lee, and Curry. You read that correctly. Fred Jones (perhaps the only thriving Knick of late) and Zach Randolph (the Knicks' best rebounder) were shafted in favor of David Lee (a poor defender) and Jared Jeffries (virtually useless). Allllright!

The Knicks are in Orlando tonight with a 7 p.m. start. I'm still out of town, so if someone would like to recap, I'd appreciate it. Get them W's.

Check out Third Quarter Collapse for the Magical perspective on tonight's contest.