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"Just keep 'em torched!"

No real news today, except that Stephon Marbury might understandably be missing a couple games to mourn the death of his father. Our thoughts remain with Steph and his whole family.

Meanwhile, it is the first night of Hannukah, so I thought I'd hit you guys with one of my favorite Youtube videos. It's made its rounds around the blogs, but if you haven't seen it, here's Israeli "embedded reporter" Elie Seckbach getting Hannukah greetings from some well-known NBA players. It's awesome. Ricky Davis and Jason Kapono are my personal favorites.

UPDATE: here's another one. Check out Ron Artest. And what's with that condescending look from LeBron?

Hope all my P&T Jews out there are having a great holiday.

(Sidenote: I'm participating in a bi-weekly rankings collaboration organized by my SB Nation brethren at Brew Hoop. Check it out and leave your thoughts if you're interested.)