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Thursday Silky Anteaters

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Hey everybody. Sorry this is so late. Been busy today. The Knicks, sans Curry and Marbury defeated the headless Nets last night in New Jersey. It was a relatively uninteresting game, and most of my notes concern Rachel Ray or David Lee's neck we'll skip it. Here's a few links.

  • Actually, I do want to note that Chong Williams does not in anyway deserve to be riding pine behind a Collins brother. Between Hot Nichols' cutting from Cleveland. Morris "Mo Nuts" Almond's benching in Utah, and Chong's under-playing in NJ, I'm very disappointed with the treatment of our beloved prospects from over the summer.
  • Bill Simmons on Knick fans. Not bad.
  • Stephon Marbury wasn't the only baller to lose a parent recently. Barnesgasm reflects on his namesake.
  • Don Marbury's funeral was today. Turns out Don was a mentor for a couple of other well-known players besides Steph.
  • Knicks in a new arena? Word?
  • Knickerblogger recaps the Nets game.
That's what's up. Enjoy TNT NBA Thursday.