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Sixers 105, Knicks @*&&$^%@!

The most competent thing the Knicks did all night.
(AP Photo/Ed Betz)

In a game that may have actually rivaled the 45-point curb-stomping in Boston in the humiliation department, the Knicks surrendered for the second night in a row to the Sixers. This time the punishment came at home to a chorus of "Fire Isiah" chant and vicious booing. Serves them right. Game notes:

  • In the first quarter, Willie Green hit a shot in the corner with his foot on the three-point line. Clyde said it was an 18-footer. The NBA 3-point line is 22 feet away in the corner. This means either that Willie Green has feet the size of 2x4's or my theory about Clyde having no sense of time or distance holds true.
  • Whenever Mike Breen reads those ads for Knicks ticket plans(Experience the Excitement!), I picture him winking at Clyde and trying desperately to stifle his laughter.
  • Reggie Evans and Sam Dalembert completely outplayed Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry. Wasn't even close.
  • Speaking of Evans, there's nothing I enjoy less than a player with very few basketball skills, but a lot of effort and energy. At the same time, I wouldn't mind a few more of those on the Knicks.
  • Rodney Carney aired a free throw and it wasn't even in the top 10 most embarassing plays of the game.
  • Someone needs to remind me what business Jared Jeffries ever has on a basketball court. Ever.
  • How much do you think Paul Davis and Shaun Livingston were paid to be in that D-Wade Converse commercial where he completely smokes both of them?
  • Who's seen that commercial for MSG in which Al Trautwig says he's a "sports archaeologist" and likes to "get beneath the layers of sports" and describes watching "thousands"of hockey players tape their sticks? Doesn't that just make him a stalker?
  • Clyde Baldo? Shut the fuck up. Thanks.
  • Billy King was such a bad GM that the only compliment Breen could find for him was calling him a "real gentleman". The thing is, you couldn't even say that about Isiah.
  • Jamal Crawford had a buzzer-beating three-pointer waved off because his heel was out of bounds. Never seen that before in basketball.
  • Robert Randolph (a personal favorite) was interviewed at halftime, and Trautwig noted that he had a better first half than Zach Randolph.
  • I love reading how the Knicks website chooses to spin these miserable losses. This time, the Knicks were "tripped up" despite a "stellar night" from Nate Robinson.
  • Fun sequence to summarize the night: Crowd starts chanting "Fire Isiah". To cover up the chanting, "Drop It Like It's Hot" is played over the PA system. In response, Eddy Curry receives a pass, and drops it in such a way that you might think the ball was, in fact, hot.
Time to go, kids. I'm almost at the point of openly rooting against the Knicks, but I can't really stomach it quite yet. Ugh. See ya.