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Monday Crumbs: ¡Mas Thomas!


Here's what's floating around the internet the day after the greatest concert ever played...

  • Yeah. In case you missed the mention yesterday, I was in attendance for the Roots and Lupe Fiasco at the Nokia Theater last night. Put shortly, it was perfect. Unbelievable concert.
  • The big news on the Knicks front is, of course, that Isiah Thomas has been extended. I'll very likely go back on this at some point, but I'm relatively cool with the move. Save for some exceptions (the Jerome James Experiment), Isiah's been satisfying as a coach, and the players clearly like and respect him. The wild card here is Zeke's future as a GM. It remains to be seen if he has the green light to make trades and signings in the near future. In my opinion (at the moment. I change opinions as frequently as I change underwear. Weekly.), Isiah has such a good eye for draft talent that trades and signings are mostly unnecessary. I'm not really sure. Tell me what you think in the comments. I know that many Knick fans are vehemently anti-Isiah (like Ed Valentine of Big Blue View, who posted as much on his other blog.) I certainly understand that point of view. Comment away.
  • I'm also interested to see how this affects the team's performance right away. Will Isiah get too comfortable and coast or will this give him the necessary confidence to lead the Knicks to the playoffs? For more on Isiah's extension, head over to Knickerblogger. The comment section is worth a read also.
  • If you couldn't tell, I'm totally sick of polar bears. Fuck polar bears. Gorillas are what's up.
  • It's hard to argue Isiah's extension when he leads all head coaches in scoring...(Found on True Hoop).
  •  I guess these are gonna be all Isiah-related crumbs. This Marc Berman article reminds me that there might be a difference to Isiah's mindset as a GM these days. He's now had to deal with the issues of the players he brought in on the coaching level. Guys like Jalen Rose and Steve Francis have provided headaches at various points throughout the season, and Isiah was the coach suffering for his own poor management. Maybe he learned something from that? Maybe not? Maybe GM Isiah will go out and sign Darius Miles to a 6 year deal, and then Coach Isiah will bitch about it to the media? Who knows.
Anyway, I'm interested to see what you guys think. Let us know your immediate reactions and predictions to this extension in the comments section. I'll be back tomorrow. Peace.

UPDATE: New poll for y'all on the right. Do it to it.