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Tuesday Crumbs


Here's what's floating around the internet today...

  • Dammit. It looks as if David Lee will be out at least 3 more weeks with a high ankle sprain. Allen Lichtig of Father Knickerbocker spoke with Lee, who said he was feeling better, but today's news says otherwise. It sounds as if Dave might've put too much work, too soon on his healing ankle. This doesn't help matters for a playoff run. You've also gotta feel some sympathy for Lee, whose healing time was originally thought to be a two-day absence, and has grown into a huge chunk of his fantastic season. A real shame.
  • A post from Marc Berman's NY Post blog about James Dolan's media control.
  • This has been up for a few days, but our boy Barnesgasm hilariously compared the Knicks to the Ten Plagues over at Son of Dippin.
  • The Nets won last night. The Magic lost. New Jersey and Indiana both have games tonight. The Knicks are currently in the 8th spot,  half a game back of the Pacers, half a game ahead of the Nets, and a full game ahead of the Magic.
Anyway, that's it. Kind of a slow day. I'll have your Raptors KTO (finally, a basketball game!) up later tonight or possibly tomorrow afternoon. Toronto tomorrow. Peace.